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Have is not the only option that they have. I mean, they've got every I mean people have options in this community. Dislike we do. He's got a point there. Most people still drive cars. And we should be taking care of those cars roads are expensive intersections are expensive. But all five of us used the roads most of the time. He's absolutely right. Even the people on that court. Well, not only do we use them. But that is that is what we want to use. That is our preference. That's always going to be our preference for the majority of a show because that's the that's the most convenient way right now. But listen going back to what he was talking about as far as we only generated a million bucks and cost eighteen million to keep that thing afloat. I know that that profit is not the main purpose here, but come on, man. I mean, you we can do better than that. Now, the judge and the Commissioner they went back and forth over this rail lines three hundred million dollar estimated price, tag, seventy one and two ninety at the white Oak Hill is more than five hundred million. One intersex, and that will not be revenue generating either. And it will be used by tens of thousands of people. That's the point. I don't think I think you could actually make a make a case that roads intersections. Yeah. They cost a lot of money to build, but they do generate revenue. That's how goods and services are transported. Yeah. That's how people get to your small business. Yes. I around not a train. Yes. The train does not stop at Kruger's jewelers on congress avenue. Now, decide what you're going to have using Oak Hill as an example as a result of that you have an area that's flowing better. It's more accessible you're going to see more businesses. Pop up out there not only is going to be good for existing businesses. You're going to see more business Papa pop. You're going to see more houses being built. And the numbers are not there. They've never been there. And yet we still go down this trail of considering something that just absolutely may. Makes no sense. All right. You're listening to the best of Todd and Don on NewsRadio KLBJ. You're listening to the best of the Todd Don show. We're live at five thirty on NewsRadio.

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