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So of course that kind of. Gummed up the works a little bit. On on opening day, Wednesday but. The sequences kind of unique from. A configuration standpoint because you've got a six furlong second level allowance, then a New York bred allowance, going six on the inner turf, and then a widener, six furlong turf test Philly Maryland. What's the harmony lodge going six track with the some very nice mayor's and then. A maiden special. In the nightcap where you've got five. Mixing it up with some Morse's that. Very much have yet to. Identify themselves as as you know, career maidens There's you know there's some more says that have run very credibly. In that nightcap so. All three quarter. Of A mile efforts in here. With three on the turf into on the main. So! We're GONNA get some opinions to touch on it. Maybe maybe see what Nick and they've enough. There's something they wanna lean on. big business yesterday in New York and and a fun day that You know certainly for some of you. I I you know based on based on some responses. I think a lot of you. Caught. The one and only. Chuck Lawrence and Chuck, who had only sent out a dozen or so starters on the year. In told you that that Perot had a you know had a real shot in here ends up going off the double. The price that he should have. GOES OFF AT thirty eight to one, which was just insane, seventy, eight, fifty, a terrific ride by Vargas who just you know, basically sat comfortably and. Chile. The on the front and you know I certainly thought that. He was gonNA get caught and would have ended up with nothing but Peres. Puts plenty of Jingle based on some of the responses we saw yesterday so very glad that you know for those of you that that came along on that front, and then not only did you have the seventy eighth our winter there but you also. Had the nightcap monster price on honey buttered Dini and. One of our favorite owners in New York or anywhere Joe Gioia who's been around for a long time and has been breeding a handful of horses. Every year was with Dell Carol. For a long time and Joe Gioia. Easy to root for Joe, and this is a home of his out of most this hostess, a talk as money mayor by. The philly by Alpha and John Morrison. Who? This was only John's third starter of the year. He basically I wasn't doing anything. During the winter and this. Just send things. into the stratosphere and created this three hundred twenty seven thousand dollar pick five Kerry First Time Starter. and. Joke, it's funny Joe congratulated Joni said. We'd never really asked her for anything. you know just was coming along and so? The talent was there. There was also the twenty five to one shot that seven pound bug boy Punched home And that was. The ricken. For Dave Dunk and Don actually got a attend to one today that. I thought was. It had to be considered for the. For the sequence for the pick five, but Louis Davis to win yesterday. And as it happens riding for us.

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