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We've done it? It's it's just people that We know and band members know, you know, Give me I need a sax player in a trumpet player. Yeah, and in which would cost more. There will be the same about saying So what? What would a standard rate for a good musician to play back? Back up stuff? A Zaha talking local? Yeah, local. What would that be? You paying by the show or they pay by the hour or by the show local. I mean, it could be 50 bucks. I pay my guys really well. I'm not going to say what I pay him, but it's way more than that. I was told by one of the guys in my band. Who is a He's a hired gun. He tours with big people. He told me that for what? I'm paying the guys in my band. I could get any Studio musician hired Gun out of Nashville or Ella. To come in and do the show. And kill it. Well, he said, you could get anybody you wanted 80 hired hand. Pay him what you're paying. US guys in the band they would come in for one night and crush The set list. Wow. So I might keep that in mind. I pay the guys really well, I don't do it for the money. So this is this is for those guys to get paid. But locally that there's guys doing it for 50 bucks. 100 bucks for a 950. Maybe 100 50. I could see. Yeah, I mean that, you know. Europe. They're probably what What's Ah, What's the performance Go Couple hours hours in the horn section wouldn't be on every song so maybe they're up there for Five or six songs. It was fun having it. We did it. Back in the day. A few times it was really fun. It gives the songs a completely different sound. Oh, for sure. Yeah, for sure, total different by a said last Last star of the show today, David Kathy, three, or 3713858556690 on the text line, Diane called, couldn't stick around. Evidently would like to, uh, would like to remind Rick and me that men sweat women perspire. About they glisten. Grays glisten even better. Yeah, synonymous with perspired. Glisten. Sounds like you're glowing while you sweat. Why do we always get sort of that end of it Way sweat, They perspire. You know what I mean? Yeah, Women don't stake Kathy's made that very clear. Nobody over women are nimble and men are clumsy. Men die first. That's a fact. The other stuff was making up that that's that's a fact. That is a fact. Caller wanted to know the difference between a motorcycle helmet. Any football helmet motorcycle helmet is designed to take one hit. And that's hit where football helmet obviously multiple hits throughout a football season. So the helmet motorcycle helmet is designed if you go down and you hit your head It will disperse all of that energy one time, So if you get into an accident, you care how much no longer good. No, you get rid of it. And even if you drop your helmet from a Ah, high enough distance that it hits hard not you should get inspected because one even one drop. Can can make the helmet amazing, ineffective. So that's way different than a football helmet. Completely different. Are they all inspected by the D. O. T. Is that it? Yes, well, no bot. What's the harm in insurance? Yeah. There. There. There are certified certain helmets. Okay? What? You want to get one that is certified by the D O t. Okay? Yeah, this this one text for you from the 719361. So, Rick, you're saying you could get David his air guitar for peanuts. I could, but I don't play the game that way when he next year, but I would even charge Rick We're great friends. I would air guitar on a set with simply to add to brilliance. You know what, me and I would be willing to pay you? I'm not gonna show and I really well, I think a man has to know his limitations. And I'm just going to say I'm I'm not any good on air guitar. I'm lights out on air drum. I would agree, and I can air organ reasonably well, I I think maybe even just a cz. Well, if you really care so silly, be honest about it. You know, Dave's fingers are unbelievable. Perfect for keys. Nine years of organ lists as really guitar to me. You got that big mitt that you're going to wrap around the guitar neck. I told you about the spaghetti social There's very few 13 year olds They get to perform at the spaghetti social, right. Wasn't that like the CO honest or something? That was that at the school? I went to school at school. In the auditorium in front of well isn't like the cafeteria. Okay, so so People are eating spaghetti while you were playing. What will you play? I was too nervous. That's when I first learned that I don't perspire. I sweat. I was like Broadcast News. John in Denver on Kaylie News Radio. Dave Ragan, Kathy John John in Denver. Hello. What happened? Oh, grab way. We're trying to get Ringo. Now We've got him high. John, are you got me saying it isn't contractor where you show up at a local gig. The locals would provide the backup in Yeah, He did that on occasion. So did James Brown would do that as well. There's In fact, there's there's guys touring today that will do that. Yeah, they'll get the local You know, the best local Cats in town and And where they can in most of them read You know where they can read charts and they could show up and just kill the show. Yeah, That's what I heard. But maybe lean would show up and do the show and leave. Chuck Berry demanded to be paid in cash before he would even think about going on stage. I did a show of the month. Were it bathed Amir open for Chuck Berry, and this is back when I was doing stand up comedy. In front of thousands of people at at the drag strip, not a great place to do Stand up comedy, and Chuck Berry was demanding cash and they didn't have it. And so I'm out on stage and they're giving me the stretch sign. Stretch way need more time. And you know, I'm sweating bullets at that point, and I'm pretty much I shot all my my bullets. And so I'm just trying to. You know, whatever I could talk about for 10 minutes and then I'm done. You know that was it And and they got on the money. I don't know how they did it because it was It was a nighttime show. Somehow they came up with 25,000 in cash. To pay him and he went on stage and did the show. Yeah. Thank you guys for today. Thank you,.

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