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You know, the the the problem is Kyle Larson said a best. He said, I looked like bowser. In the car now literally outside the cart. They afterward elbow pad because it's hitting the motor over here. And I like 'em some arms right here. And I'm trying to drive. It was like man when I weighed like sixty pounds. These things were like driving a dream way better. So I don't know they beat me up a lot. I got to figure that out without something that the workout is not held at. No, it doesn't Seattle parks excuses. You're going to be myself. You just go out there and make it happen fit. Guy was race. Let him go race with you. He would be much more suited in a lot lower center gravity in the in the race car Brian from Charleston, South Carolina. Brian what you got today? How you doing there met doing while? I was gone. Going. Great pleasure. Talk to you. But I and truly I wanna ask although we were talking about advantages with your big name teams. My real question is what about when it comes down to the manufacturer because although Chevy won at Talladega Ford's. We're the dominant cars, I personally I've always rooted for Toyota. I am huge Kyle Busch fan, and I do appreciate that. He just thinks his mind, but when it comes down to like your mile tracks or short-track Toyotas are running very school. So what is your opinion when it comes down to the different manufacturers in the body is on can you tell indifference difference at the mile and a half tracks between manufacturer says one having advantage over another. I think changes, you know, changes at different times affords have been strong in the, you know, super speedways, the Toyotas. I feel like a really good job. It's a small group. They they do a really good job at communication. I love about the part of that family again. But at Daytona this year, the Toya's we were flying all of us lined up together. So I feel like we the Toyotas themselves have been actually pretty strong all across the board this year. We've you know, we're pretty dominant at the Daytona five hundred Denny and drivers of one at mile and a half. We've been fast at short-track sky wanna Bristol. We running up front there. So I feel like we've been pretty good customer word. I would say the J G R cards have been okay. This year. A decent desire. Okay. Yeah. They haven't done as much as as young highschool mad Benedetto, by the way, who has really grown from there is that really you come on. We're gonna Schauble that is not you. Here in a parking lot takes Harley Davidson. Yeah, Sherman, Texas. So can we what is David Ragan? Yeah. Race on Monday. And here you are on a Wednesday. We hit free chick for. All the way out here for we have. We've had a great run. I love Rodman the rain a little bit. I I wouldn't want to do it day. But it's fun to do it with all my good.

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