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Slash credit Next 37 warriors 28 We make turned his second quarter once again with Jon Barry. Here's Mark. Castor shirt cabin JB. That's the potential of this next team. No Kyrie. Irving realized done much so far in the first quarter, but that's the offensive potential here. Yeah, well, they have so many options. You don't have to have all three of them going at the same time when they do. Which they will quite often They're gonna be scoring in the hundreds fifties I would imagine, But tonight Durant's got his eight hardened five and Irving just to Golden State or other Brooklyn will have it to start the second quarter. Landry Sham it with it on the wing finds harden outside the mid post. Right off the snake. Here's sham it a three pointer missed it long offensive rebound out to Jeff Green. By Tyler Johnson on the left angle, he comes up short on history Point attempt on Golden State comes away with the rebound. 37 28, Brooklyn just underway second quarter Eric Paschal in the game for the first time has it on top second year man will find Andrew Wiggins on the three point line behind the backs. Escape drivel over detainee inlay. Right Angle three is good warriors back within six. This is the lineup with Step three goes to the bench. Did they score? They gotta play through Andrew Wiggins. He's gotta become a lot more aggressive Brooklyn with behind the back pass is stolen. James Harden turns it over 10 days more in the game, feeding Michael Molder driving down the lane. That's Wanamaker rather, and he missed the layup. Tyler Johnson has the rebound. Right now. Harden is in the game with dreams. Tyler Johnson, Lalu Camero and Landry. Shannon Harden shoes away. The high screen now dribbles between the legs on the three point line. We'll pass it off the sham a catch and shoot three from the right. Not there. Damian Lee rebound warriors on the front court lead to had a chest pass finds Wiggins at the top. He'll take the shot from three front room, No hardened rebounds. Outlet pass down floor is tipped by Wiggins and long arms and saved on the far side Golden State to steal. I'd want to make her a half point with the right hand dribble fires into the corner. Driving is Wiggins passes to the left side. Damian Lee will send it up top the Wiggins and he bags a three from on high it just like that golden state with into it. Begins with his first triple of the night. He's got 5 37 34, Brooklyn, Jeff Green, Too hard on top is guarded by Eric Paschal Hill that hardened go left, Harden will go left. No look Bounce passed through the hands of Timoteo Camero and out of battle, already four turnovers here for Brooklyn. Just over two minutes played in the second quarter on I wouldn't give James Harden his left hand. By the way, you might want to make him go the other way. He set up a little too far. The right too easy of a path There are they got lucky. The ball was thrown out of bounds warriors in their offense, 9 35 to go in the second. Wiggins left wing Joe Harris, defending Wiggins takes him off the bounce bumps them off finds Lee in the corner, passed it up in the return pass to Leah's a steal. Opportunity passes out of that way. She shot it. Here's harden driving can left flips it up short in traffic ends up on the deck. Got no whistle. Paschal front court down the middle of the floor. Right corner. Leave for three or around it out. Almost came down again. But Mr Durant has the board Brooklyn been sitting on that 37 points for the opening. Three minutes of the second quarter. We're gonna harden on the right wing guarded by Wiggins back to Durant catches you contested three is good. Durant ended up on the deck. He gets three Brooklyn up six. I was thinking that was gonna be bad offense, but When you get through with Kevin Durant times that way, and they see that golden State uniforms for Durant, Miss. Shot Golden State on the other end, Lalo Camero puts it on with the two hands stuff. Nine Fast break points now for Brooklyn. No excuse. Miss shot on one end and you give up a dunk on the other 40 to 34 nets, Wanamaker stripped as he drives the lane. Wanna put the Warriors in transition? Durant Camero into the lane Got the foul shot up. No. TLC the line and Damian League picks up the personal transition defense, becoming a problem here for Golden State early pushed by Brooklyn. They're dangerous when they get out on that open floor again. Six points for Golden State here just under four minutes of action in the second quarter with Steph Curry on the bench of all the Kappa Rho hits the first Golden State, JB 14 and 12 sitting right now eighth in the West. You see them long term being in that 5 to 8 range with the West is staffed. Yeah, I really don't I I'm surprised they are where they are right now, but I think it's gonna be very difficult. I mean, you have teams like 10 birds that you know we're gonna play better than they are. They're going to move up the ladder, So I think it's gonna be tough with Golden State Dallas right behind him as well. Two free throws Go in for TLC, 10 Point Brooklyn lead Warriors with it can't base more for the left drives the lane gets by Durant. It flips over the back of a nifty reverse that Woz finish over K G eight minutes to go in the half. Brooklyn by eight. Joe Harris. Fakes on the three side steps to the left, gets off a triple and bags his second of the night for two You'll. Harris was stroke he has Took his time there the fly by and knocks down the open 1 47 36 Brooklyn Wiggins from 20, and it's circles and goes in for ancient Wiggins. This is more what I thought we'd see here. 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