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And you've got to learn to give it to yourself. You comes up. And yes the higher level you compete in the final the margins but also the finer how you can work with it because you can have a lot more training a lot more practice. If I was working with some hours a day things are gonNA change really quickly Is it possible? Is it possible that perspective could have that effect on your emotional coherence to? I'm thinking of an example. I had many years ago. Probably when I was in my mid twenties and I played doubles with this Guy. Us A great guy and he was quite a that of said quite spiritual and he had just had a daughter a baby daughter literally weeks before that and we were playing this can have a league decider and it went down to a third set tiebreak and I was. You had to climb me off the footlights. I was just like so. We'd say in northeast. Scotland. He just is a kite and a wanted it so much and chilled out and I was almost getting entity. How calm he was and he was clearly getting edited because you short but he obviously was bothering him that. I was so high and he said why why you feeling. This doesn't really that a matter that much and I went what it was like a real moment for me and he said we'll stay with me forever. He said whether I win or lose this match. I'm going whom to my baby daughter. Who doesn't even know what tennis is. And she is not going to care one one damn whether I win or lose this match and soon as he said I could literally feel my shoulders and my jaw relax and I just was like fine and we absolutely smashed that break and for me. You know that maybe tell that story law and I give lots of other examples of how some seeing something can actually change your mind. Ceo Your Brain Chemistry to actually put things in perspective and hearing them. There's merit neurons that make sociable and more acceptable. Yeah is there something in that or is that just my opinion? I would say there is because that what you described there is what we want to be able to give to ourselves so that you've come on external stuff he's talking about. His daughter is talk to you. A new you've created this nice synergy between you. I where I'm coming from as a player myself more try and teach other people is that we want to be able to create that environment within our own souls and minds so you can say an not by saying oh it doesn't matter is is getting that perspective is important and I'm going to take care of. It's going to take care of myself rather than some people. It's not important works if it works for them. It's fine as is so this is so much going back to the beginning about noticing yourself getting to know yourself without who am. I is a really big question but who am I not cool? How am I with this ball and being able to create that environment? But you did between. Your partner and I've done between my mind was partner. We've had some serious scouts of people. The applying a lot longer than us a lot higher. And it's just because between us is love and acceptance that goes on eyesight to goodness you miss as many volleys as you need to come in on hopeful as much. She said she saw another wants and go online. All and I know after few moments and and JEB walks with anyone I play with man or woman they often I mix and some of the guys have really serious and it used to both the May of of had to go down to one hundred percent responsibility for how I feel right now It doesn't matter. What else is on the court. How am I taking care of myself in Oman? Because I now have to take care of the people I can make them as but of do it to myself so in a way you got my mind going now so in a way. It's it's almost in a really simple way being kind to yourself it is. It is because that's all anyone ever wanted once they live if you distressed upset or whatever or even happy we like being around people that make us feel good and we're going to have become that person to ourselves. That's a good place to wrap up there. I think be finally find ways to be good or like V kind to yourself. I've a fantastic friend Dr David Hamilton. Who's written ten books around that subject on a kindness in the benefits that can have another and the two of you need to meet. That would be helpful day. That's it so they is there a place where people can go to gain more tangible insights to what you've talked about you mentioned video so where the host got a couple of Youtube I can add more actually of movements and things so it was scattered across different channels moment. I could do put them together. I've only got an online course all the stuff that I do with players that could be put into video and text and audio format I have put together in a course like a DIY Kaas Bruin. Okay you could pass on the Lincoln. I could put it in the show notes. I certainly can. Yes yes good. Okay so that I tend to do this every now and again. I'm going to speak to the listener first. Second so first of all. Thank you for listening. If you have found any of this interesting then check out. The course that has put together but my plea to you is to explore experiment. If that's an acceptable thing to but to experiment with there in terms of not see as tangible things that can lead to almost intangible results. I don't if that sounds crazy but am I've tried some some of the stuff in terms of without realizing I was doing rituals and the breathing and it does make a profound difference. So bring it to life tryout and checkout series of course online. You'll see the issue. Say the Lincoln Notes Balu so say thank you so much or giving up your valuable time. I it's been a real pleasure and hopefully we will get to meet in person at some point in the future lovely. Thanks have me on Chris Leslie..

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