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He nodded in he listened to what i said the other occasion was uh that about illegal aliens need to be removed from this country they shouldn't be given amnesty and every time i get a chance i'll send him a little note on twitter uh no amnesty no daca and there are no birthright islet citizenship either because that's another attraction for illegals to come to this country and draw on our resources coverage zipper constitutional issue to reorder the ah uh they you know this has to stop we need to stop the incentives uh for them but he's a very carrying very compassionate man uh very emotional one of the times he signed a poster of my son in he looked at me he says is this you soon they said yes he goes oh nice looking man witted nice looking man and he just nodded i'll with sadness some be evil bowl an he signed the autographed his picture he spoke store in and kissed his picture in kissed each one of our children's picture so very carrying very loving man i received an email the other day from a gentleman who's reading are one of my books my first book 25 nef's of the united states constitution and he's from out of the state so i'm going to assume he heard about the book uh through the radio program i didn't ask him uh black johnny asked me about the fourteenth amendment and uh what i talk when i say in 25 miss regarding for uh the fourteenth amendment when it comes to citizenship clause which is where birthright citizenship is a derived from uh i'm very explicit on how i explain that of that clause was never intended to be abused in the way as be an abuse it was the two gentlemen who wrote that particular cause were set or clause in the us constitution fourteenth amendment this citizenship clause senator howard and senator trumbull and when asked by congress while they were getting ready to vote on it what they meant by the language in the clause says all right so all persons born united states aunt or natural allies and subject.

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