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Of interactions with with just civilians when you talk about your service this is true of me i assume it's true a lot or most veterans you take the other person's thoughts and feelings into respect whether whether you're giving them the most details possible or whether you're being cagey about your experience you have like the an emotional burden of like either accepting their thanks and being uncomfortable with it or them saying i could never do that when really you're just a normal person who had the drive to get through basic training it's not it's not so difficult right now it's not doing it it's just your someone who wanted to do it so you did it and it's very once you have that drive it's it's it happens and so like when you erase that that emotional burden of trying to care about what the other person is thinking or feeling it becomes instantly like i was like i'm fine i'm cool and like twenty minutes into just the entertain the intake interview over the phone i was like i was like holding back to you ears and being like yeah i have a doctor named dr wheeler she's a neuropsychologist that i go see it san antonio shutout dr willis pama love you we i go see her and when i turn go in that room and she shuts the door i basically turned into the steph curry of crying i'm like the mvp of cry when i'm in that office i'm like i can't remember my side like when i was going allot like my memory was just so bad and it was shocking because i used to like i felt like i was a really intelligent person but learning new tasks like spanish learning math again learning anything that required things that i didn't have luckily i had like a grammatical structure and english was part of my brain that didn't get fucked up my beliefs speak is it messed up but short term memory remember people's names where i saw them all those things was a huge aspect of because my technical diagnose diagnose ptsd with cognitive dissidence so i have that going on and when i would go in there as a smart person in your brain you know you've been smart your entire life made good grades and you're like i cannot pass college algebra like.

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