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I just you know i like what i'm seeing from the golden state warriors and you know we we we see it as defensive lapses on the on the cleveland cavaliers side but i see it as they just don't have the personnel decade guard these guys like the i mean what are you do like lebron james usually the romer now you've got to wash at their position cabinet read is going on here he's clearing out lanes in more directly adam on one wanted taken a natural personally stefka is looking at curry light you remember me like last year when i can introduce you to help now now about the you know now about to put you in the blender all here and show you this handle in now clay is messed around this star seeking shot so now you know they're putting on a demonstration they have fun it unless not us steve kerr back out the right so now they fed off their more metal which we touchstone in their display great basketball right now you've got to head off to the golden state warriors kmart when i asked you a couple of days ago about you know everybody had their predictions at thoughts and and and one of the things that i remember you said before the series started everybody's saying this is going to happen that's can happen but you said as far as the cleveland lineups the trysted thompson is going to get less minutes because the match up didn't make sense so i have two questions i would like you to explain where is tristan thompson and do you think.

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