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And this is making my ears ring, by the way, because I have the headphones on and I heard the HAMAs ears ring. The other one was a little bit low more Basie. You're in the middle of nowhere. You're thinking what could be causing that low base tone? We'll be rattling my house this low base tone because it's not somebody driving by in their, you know, their low rider with a boom, boom, boom. It's not that. I've had that happen before where somebody parked underneath my window while I'm sleeping, and I can hear the low frequency how might realize oh, it's some guy. You know, playing is a low base listening to either dub step or something else. So you know, I have to go that's a little loud. But this is in the middle of nowhere Dugway is out in the middle of nowhere. Really? It's out the salt flats. I believe it's county. So yeah, it's been there. I've been to Dugway was escorted out of there by. By the security there. I mean, the military showed up told me that I needed to leave. They were nicer to me. But then Wackenhut showed up and the guy looked like some Nazi with a with a gun, and he told me to get off the property. The actually escorted us we were to caravan. We're doing a a TV documentary for the scifi channel called the unknown zone. We were doing it as a pilot never got off the ground. But we were there doing the pilot and were stopped by the military saying get away from the area. We're like let's say five hundred six hundred feet away from the gate. We we're nowhere near the gate. But apparently, they said that we were looking suspicious they want us out of there. And then, of course, whacking that stepped in and said, you know, we want you off the property, and we're going to escort you to account if you come back, we'll bust you. And so they drove us to the great Salt Lake. And then that's all she wrote. You know, they turn around and went the other direction. But it's very quiet out that way, I mean, it's it's it's quiet. You're you know, you're out in the middle of nowhere. And you don't hear birds? You don't hear radios? You don't hear anything out there? It's just just damn damn quiet. I don't know if anybody if any of you've been to area fifty one Rachel I haven't been to Rachel Nevada by here. It's also very quiet and Rachel's very quiet in the areas near area fifty one because it's out in the middle of the desert. So I'm sure you can pick up on these types of sounds, and like, I said the pulse. Wave in northern Sweden, though was in a place where the snow adjusts fallen and once again, I wanna play you that this is the sound though that had everybody's attention. Because while it's not all that impressive. I don't think it's as impressive as the one year Dugway, but it's still got that low frequency that. Rattled the house. Listen to this. Now, it's really hot. It's I actually took my headphones off and the big speakers in the studio. Like, I give you my whole body felt like my fellow my spine tingling or something. So yeah, this.

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