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And we're back. Let's talk about some more Benji Frank. This is probably my favorite Benjamin Franklin thing ever. Yeah. It is. It's been so valuable to me one. It has worked the when I lose it. I'm useless mess. Couldn't agree with you more about me. Yeah. Means being a great thing. And being a good thing. And and there is an and I think we'll we have to include a either a link to this or something in the show notes there. He he literally mapped out his day. And he has a solid routinely does every day. And I'm sure, you know, I know myself, I am a we're all creatures of habit. I literally know how your morning works because you've explained it to me multiple times. And I have a similar like robotic routine that I go through it wasn't like I crafted this wasn't like I was like, oh, I need to do these things in this order, you know, like the morning routine phenomenon that's out there on you read, any medium post, or whatever fuck all that ultimate x stuff. Like if you have to check a box when you brush your teeth. I think I've gone too far. You miss the signs. Yeah. You missed your turn off. Yeah. You must be exit. But but routine is there's bliss in routine, and I think routine is meditation. You know, there is so, you know, people talk about like hacking your mind, body, whatever I think the or the only true hack that I have found is routines. And like, I relate it to the fact that I could have a full conversation. Chew gum, do whatever. While I tie my shoes because I don't I literally do not use my brain to do this. And whenever you can put something in your life into autopilot like that like it's like a cheat code. Yeah. So there's this thing that he drew it starts from five AM and ends at four AM. So it's a whole full twenty four hours, and he has a broken down to these boxes and in the morning. He asked himself what good shall I do this day? Just such a, you know, sixty. And century thing to do or what is it seventeenth eighteenth century in the do in the evening? He asked what good have I done today? Which is great. So that's. Reflects. Yep. Great pre mortem postmortem love it. Okay. So the first thing he does at fuck and five AM right reading this. Right. Yeah. Okay. So I mean, hey. This time net flicks. So he went to bed early, of course. And I don't know what time he went. He went to sleep when the sun went down. Yeah. And what's interesting is he doesn't sleep that long. If you look at this. But anyway, he rises washes addresses and address power fhu powerful goodness in imprint arena. Italics contrived as business and take the resolution the resolution of the day. All right. Prosecute the present study and breakfast. It's basically that's hours in the morning five to seven. So he cleans himself eats thinks about what he's gonna do. Yeah. Does something like weird bent BJ? Bef shit. Shit. It'd be part of it. I don't know. Yeah. Then from then jamming he's been jamming. All right. And then from. It looks like about eight till eleven he works..

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