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What Ben Officer said this morning as well. What did the Steelers think? Or what might they do? Because they've been down this like you said they've been down this road with Levian Bell. Um, and if the player won't budge They're out. How much did that Now? I get it. It's a it's trying to compare apples and oranges. A running back versus an edge rusher in the NFL is a little bit different. But how much did that cripple? The Steelers when they were trying to put a season together with Levian Bell, in essence, holding out and how will it cripple them? If a guy like T J? What? Holds in I think it's so first A. It's an interesting exercise, but I think it's sort of moved because T. J Watt is indeed going to play. He's not going to not play but You want someone who is a leader of your club. Do you see taking you into the next generation? I mean, this is a guy that you expect to be a cornerstone of your club for a good period of time. You don't want him to be frustrated and angry and happy and feel disrespected and undervalued and underappreciated. So I think that that's something in terms of what he means on the field. He's the guy that is. He's a playmaker. He's the one. He's the biggest playmaker on that defense. Mike Tomlin love to talk about Splash plays. In fact, when he talked about The previous two meetings with the bills, it said. The bills have had more slash phase before interceptions against Duck Hodges two years ago. And then, of course, that huge pick six before the half last year. You say what makes more splash plays than anybody else on this defense and really than just about anybody in the NFL. You look at where he ranks and quarterback hits and quarterback pressures and facts and Forced fumbles. You say? What is that guy? So a DD looking at the other parts of their defense, and we realize you know, we're talking about a top five defense here. There has been a little bit of turnover. At in the secondary. We don't make up. Fitzpatrick and Joe Hayden are still back there. But there's been some turnover at linebacker, too, although Devin Busch is back in the fold, So what do we make of The back seven assuming T. J Watt is in place as anticipated. I think that Killers lose something and always having my kilt in as there Lot corner who is touch a physical, aggressive Blitzer. He, of course, is now in Cincinnati. But the Steelers have a lot of versatile guys down there. So Kim Sutton, who can play outside may also play inside. He doesn't necessarily have the same physicality. But he's a very heady player who can indeed play inside. I think you'll see a lot more of makeup, Fitzpatrick moving around and not just playing center field. And I think, Minka someone who can play well in the box. I think that You'll definitely see a little bit more of trying to create confusion. Although you know Josh Allen now has what three years in this offense. I don't necessarily expect him to be an easily confused guy. I just think that That sort of part of the play here. As the linebackers shows have been very, very happy with Joe Schobert, Joe Schobert. They made a trade for him just a few weeks ago. He's very quickly come in. He understood the defense and you said I was actually wearing the green dot the headset helmet. Making the defensive play calls and when we asked my column about him this week, we just talked about how heady he's been and how wealthy it is. Yeah, That's a big step. Getting a guy that you can believe in that quickly can. What do you think about his ability to, you know, obviously step in that quick and be the option. Um Does that give you pause that a guy who is available like that could come in and make a difference like that. I know. You know again. I think that this is one of the when I used to cover college football. Greg Siano was the head coach of records. And he used to always talk about 1. 11 1 11. As long as everybody does their 1 11. She'll be okay. And I think that that's what the Steelers defense really is. You know Devin Busch is the flashy sideline to sideline linebacker who's going to come up with these? Dynamic plays and it takes one thing off his plate. If Joe Schobert is helping to set the defense is making some defensive calls, And I don't think that you need Joe Schobert to do everything you want Devin Busch to do or you don't need Joe Schobert to do what you're counting on Tyson Ah, Lalo, the nose tackle to do and helping the clog up the run a little bit. I think that There are some new pieces to the defense. I think not having stuff onto it, and instead having to play with Chris Wormley or idea bugs is a little bit of a step down. I think that TJ want, you know, maybe he comes in and play 60 cents because he is indeed an exceptional player. Maybe They kind of have to rotate him a little bit. But that's okay because Ingram's actually been better than expected. Flipping it over to the offense. DD um I was stunned. You could have knocked me over with a feather during the draft. When the Steelers are on the clock there, I believe it was picked 24 knowing their offensive line. Departures. I'm like, alright, Here we go, tailor made offensive tackle. Here We go Market down in ink with the Steelers. They go running back and then double down in round two with a tight end, And I know that the early returns on Friar move have been positive, as have they been for Najee Harris. And I realized they drafted a couple of kids later in the draft. We're going to start at least as it looks right now on the offensive line, but Four out of five new people on an offensive front is a hard thing to put together, even in a regular off season. What is your assessment as to how it has come together? Through preseason evidence. I don't know. I don't wing and a prayer. Er, Yeah. I mean, it's really You know what? Najee Harris has been everything that he was advertised to be. And then he is not only a fine fine, fine player who can, indeed er Who promises to Be able to make something when there is nothing Pat Friar move, as you said, also has been Tremendous. Pass catcher. He's looked really tough. He's not the blocker that Heath Miller was not quite as big, but I think he can be a very, very promising player. A bit more complete than any other tight end currently on the roster, So get two very nice skill position players. I am still of the mind that everything starts up front..

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