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Fair and balanced the ford summer sales event is in full swing it's your chance to get a ford f one fifty for ciro percent financing for sixty months plus an additional thousand dollars on top of your tradein if summers hottest deal on the awardwinning bill ford saaf f one fifty take on summer right with ford america's bestselling brand and save big on the ford f one fifty get zero percent financing for sixty months plus one thousand dollars on top of your tradein hurry into the summer sales event going on now only at your new england for dealers thus thus selling based on 2016 sales not all buyers qualify for ford credit financing sixty months of sixteen sixty seven per month for one thousand financed regardless of downpayment treatises hash requires trading of 95 or your vehicle or lease terminated thirty days prior to or ninety days after delivery not available in rapture see dealer over to buy ford now dot com for details taking retail delivery from dealer socked much like her i wasted anti an explosion outside an air force recruiting office in bixby oklahoma last night remains under investigation as a possible act of domestic terrorism after the thing with cleared are fbi lab evidence response team arrived on scene they did the typical boat host class invest the gatien and evidence collection fbi special agent jesse rice it says they'll try to reconstruct the device used there were no injuries reported also still under investigation the fiery crash of a military plane in a mississippi soybean field yesterday that killed sixteen service members including fifteen marines in one sailor who there is no word yet on what brought it down the us epa chief scott pruitt says the agency has to ensure that volkswagen's excess diesel emissions is an incident not repeated and that improper behaviour by automakers will be treated very aggressively since vw admitted in september of 2015 to illegally using software to evade emissions regulations the epa has been investigating diesel issues and a number of other automakers president trump being taken to court over twitter president trump sees his tweets as a way around the media he calls fake news messaging directly to americans on the same account he set up in two thousand nine the dow has more than thirty three million followers sir considered officials savings by the.

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