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He looked at everything he was like. Tell us what we need to do tells like and i walked away all right number one. If i ever get to guess so my show i'm gonna michelle. I was like very cool. They'd be like he was early. And not and if i remember correctly big jay was like an hour and a half late like big j showed up. Was that big j big day. I had no idea what he assigned fried told someone. That's the other day. His beard still had bed beard. What was over. He was sweatpants on that. He has slept in somebody. Like the thing about this. I was like locked in a closet with a headset on. Cameramen all time. So i didn't know on what was happening in front of the cameras. Jailer stuff that was off camera. I was not j. special. What are we doing today. And i was like i was like. I don't know we'll just go through. It and jay was fun. He was funny through the whole thing. But i don't think jay idiot signed up for. I thought he thought i think he thought it was a podcast and so he was like observation cameras and and i was like age as a pretty big production. The first seen you make them do is laying on the bag. Sees me naked also just flown from new york. I think he'd been doing cruisers. I basically like wraps whatever tour like five minutes. Reagan flight flew in. They dragged him directly from the airport like five. Am five am right to the thing. He was saying he was that he had no idea where he was. He wasn't late because they're resorting. He was just like big. Jj was like but anthony. Anderson was like a fucking baller like he was anytime. You said anything. Like i love paintball guns. Let's do paintball guns. And he always had a good line. It was like you always had. And he's very open and honest with about sharing. It was the one person i i feel like. Did this season with. And i was like we did the effort with and i was like i just learned something today. I learned how to cause. I'm not always that guy on set a more like j. comics will be like will show up. I know you can't start show without me. So we'll show up when we show up. And that's how i am sometimes and fifteen minutes late still kinda early in my book and the incident was like no. This is a job you guys were paying me. I'm here i got you got me all day. What do you need a cigars. You like scarves. Let's do a scar segment. Here's i'm going to find why he's really great. Reorienting the conversation kind of directing from within which was really great to see someone that has worked data long and and Kasit on camera and sort of keep things running Just like i said a lot of stuff. Hit the cutting room floor but you guys conversations. It felt that's beyond the bees bees and by the way dion was great great but he was terrified of fucking. I love i was like i need you to spit on birth. We're doing be as. I made you get stung because i wanted to sit back and i was like the suit on and deal abuse. I just lifted the suit up and said give nothing to be afraid of. Look they're fine. Look it's not touching me. And then i put my suit on top of the and it stunned me and i started smacking. It and i went. Mother and i really got stung. Just spit tobacco on me. That episode was surprisingly absolutely hilarious..

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