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A short podcast and yeah that that's what I do that's how I argument but I and now this call slashing all the soluble south strolled in you know you've been putting plant food in there all year even doing all this I I want to give it a fresh start I just want to give it a fresh fresh start is is what I want to do and then the very last thing that I do just to make everything dandy is I take a one gallon bottle a jug and I put one capsule super thrive if you don't have super thrive you can use ortho rich simulator I like super thrive buy it on Amazon I'm not connected they don't pay me any money I just I'm a customer I I buy my own and but I put that in there and the last thing that I will do this is ground is now so saturated that the soil saturated with water but it's been draining through I will put just a little bit of the water was super thrive not much just a tiny bit with a super thrive in there and it's super thrive will work its way down slowly into the roots and it'll keep the plan from going into shock and it actually revitalizes everything there is fifty vitamins and minerals in there in a does a wonderful thing and that's what I do and I let everything dry out really really good and then I put the plants back exactly where they were in the house now why do I say put it exactly where they were and if you can in the exact same way that they were because I'm gonna tell you something about plants by the way I just I just saw this movie today on Amazon prime called destination wedding and and the actress in there the the lead would breeze on her house plants before she left to go on this destination wedding she just I don't know why people do that though people too but anyway it was she got to the hotel she doing the same thing to the plastic plants that were in the hotel people have neurosis I have lots of them trust me I understand us okay but anyway getting back to what I was saying put it back you know there's some things like a weeping fig house plant every time you move one of those things they drop all the leaves they get really mad they get really really really mad to try to put everything back exactly as it was and then the plants will not going to shock because you've used a super thrive so this is very important that you've done that and then when you're all done your plants are going to be nice and happy and then as we go into fall it is we go into winter even in there in the house they slow down even though you have the heat on in the house they slow down because they know plants no people think plants you're done plants are done plans have instincts just like captain Kirk we used to say I have instincts I know these things was a captain Kirk or was a TJ hooker I don't remember but anyway plants member TJ hooker that was like the most terrible show that William Shatner I'd gosh that was just an awful awful job anyway plants have instincts hi TJ hooker or captain Kirk I forget which what a drag it is getting old and they know so they slow down in the winter time in because you've got rid of all the soluble salts and all that garbage is in there I was gonna say another word and I didn't but you're you got it was crap by the way the word was crap I was going to use it but I didn't use it you've got rid of all that and then you revitalize it by putting fifty vitamins and minerals in there and your plants are gonna be happy all winter into spring you could you find stuff house that.

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