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Statues. Now we're learning for men have been charged for an attempt. You're accused of making here in D. C. In Lafayette Square. Lee Cantrow, Connor, Judd and Ryan Lean all from our region, along with Graeme Lloyd of Maine are now charged with destruction of federal property. The men are accused of working with others to tear down the statue of President Andrew Jackson. Officials say the men are allegedly seen on video attempting to pry the statue from its base while using rope to try and pull it down. Jackson, who supported in profited from slavery, served as the seventh president. He also signed the Indian removal Act into law in 18 30 Acting U. S Attorney Michael shirt when commented on the charges, saying violent behavior and criminal conduct will not be tolerated. Melissa how w. GOP News On Fox News Earlier today, D c delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton spoke about the influence protests against racial injustice have had on legislation in the House passed to crack down on excessive police for the impatience in the streets is why we have the legislation that was passed the Policing Act in Congress. Last week. The pit with speed, the streets have spoken to the people they send to Congress, and that is how a democracy works. Horton says there has never been a reaction so quick from Congress, at least among Democrats than after the death of George Floyd. Democrats in the House help push the bill through last week, but it's not expected to go far in the Senate, where Republicans have their own bill. Two parties have not been able to come to a compromise on police reforms..

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