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I ate a lot too i was at la bamba is probably this biggest or hey totally get extra sauce on the side yeah yeah i i cook in my little apartments and stuff in college and mayo by cooking i would make a frozen pizza chicken nuggets on top of it but i would still try and every now and then i'll try metros and try and try and make something yeah that's the thing it's about improvising and it sounds like that's what you do for these cookies and by the way a quarter pound cookie yeah i don't even what waits for yes i hear this i mean they're you know they're they're sharable but also like it just looks better like when you when i have smaller cookies like an oreo cookie i can go through the entire trae and it looks bad because i had i can say i had forty cookies or whatever it was versus if you make one big cookie like you can say just had one cookie and like you know you don't you don't feel so bad the big cookie like those what is it the at the malls that mrs fields cookie no big pie of a cookie right little cake like like andrea said it's your own little kick cooking and we did share yes all of us share except for the maybe the data this moore's one now the fruity pebbles chris so these are basically it's your breakfast to go yeah you know there's no reason you should be able to have cookies for breakfast right like you can have doughnuts for breakfast or different kinds of sweets like you know who's the breakfast police took for breakfast so here here anymore is that what you are eating she lives downstairs on can't go away at your children eating like you are but there's peanut butter peanut butter and jelly coat protein is got strawberries so yeah i'm just curious do you bake these on site because i know the taste i mean you're gonna have you know hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people every single day coming up do you bake on site or how we won't pick on at the bakery but at the tastes everything will be ready to go consists the lines are incredibly could be incredibly long so we don't want people to the way too long they see the cookie cookie cookie must have cookie exactly which flavors are you bringing to the tastes tastes will be we'll have our obey cookie will have our s'mores animals will have are pretty pebbles cereal cookie just kind of interesting i use i soaks the best part of like sugary cereals i thought was like the the milk the bullet drink that yes so i wanted to bring that experience to a cookie and so i i spoke these different cereals and heavy cream and i straightened out and then i we've got makino fatty cereal milk and i turn the butter which we then using the cookie so you're just kind of layering those flavors and there we'll have one of those we'll have the free samples one at the tastes and also do an edible cookie dough ice cream sandwich at the taste so you know it could be ninety five degrees you might want something kinda cold oh yeah yes so people have had cookie cookies but like have you had the cookie dough is from sandwich so where the outside is actual cookie so we'll see now i think people be pleasantly surprised will everyone's gotta stop by and see joe at warm belly bakery at the chicago would taste is going to be july eleventh through fifteenth you know where but i'll tell you anyway grant park and how do we find you other days we're at monroe in racine in the west loop and later this summer early fall we'll be opening up a second location on clark street on the border of linkin park and lakeview clarkin deming right over there just sort of fulton you can find us on the web at wembley bakery dot com ordered.

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