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Moves like j. lo tell. Me what you me I'll do it. If you say so because, Yati only one for me I'm never gonna say. No thanks for hanging out with us on this Monday so I think, it, was, over the? Weekend that. I love following Nancy Sinatra Twitter you do I do I, love, her love, her and she announced that her mom. Nancy Barbados Sinatra one hundred and one had, passed away and of course she's Frank Sinatra's first wife but also his last team confidante Right all, of his life so three of his show yes. They married in the thick of the depression nineteen thirty nine they were, so, poor, the two? Days after. The wedding they returned to their jobs she went to back, to, being a, secretary at a printing plant and he. Went back to his job as a singing, waiter and he is singing later Member. Those, places oh fine and for, a dozen years Frank and Nancy Sinatra were man and wife and they married like five years after they met but he had. Also gotten another woman pregnant she had a miscarriage and her father went after him for an immoral clause and that's where Frank Sinatra's first mugshot is from really remembered the time for a dozen years Franken Nancy were. Man, and, wife and is that from. The. End of, their marriage in nineteen fifty one until. He died at eighty two, in. Nineteen ninety eight she remained Franks cherished friend and quiet confidant. Displaying a loyalty that. Was not worthy even for a, woman of her time because. She was furious with him when he went off and had the, fair with David Gardner no no let me finish the time, yes I mean she cried Plenty of nights your but she cry. Plenty of nights but the time that she was most upset with him was when he got. Their, marriage annulled so he could, marry Barbara his last wife and she I think that is criminal I think anyone you paid for I know I know people. Who this happened they got a Norman after, they'd been married twenty five years and Ed kids it's the most I think it is but I think it's cruel to you forgave him she did forgive him but she. Was, very. Mad and she she did. Not. Like that, so they And as silly rule these. Days come on all there's, lots of that but anyway, she that her that was. Like the one place besides are. Getting divorced that real roadblock and so he. Went on of course after Nancy to have three more marriages it was her. Only marriage and she said she never, married never had in the years after the marriage. She got the house, in Bel Air and a percentage of, Franks lifetime earnings wow and. Of course She aided yes divorce. Settlement she took classes at the university of California entertained the, Hollywood friends in Bel Air did charitable work she. Was profoundly private she. Never uttered, a word about him had offers to write books et cetera et cetera and her granddaughter. Said I know he might grant grandfathering, Senator never, stopped loving her and I, know she never stopped loving him and as Pete Hamill reported in his book why Sinatra matters published a. Ninety eight choose s later in life why she never remarried in her answer. Was. Impeccable after Sinatra Oh I love that. Wow wow and he he's he just they, were good good friends and she? Made the bow ties that once. They moved they moved because he kind of like jersey lakes And she encourage her. Husband's professional aspirations and after the bandleader Harry James signed mine is a singer she. Traveled with them on the road and she made the bow ties. It Frank Sinatra Warren performance sewing new, ones every time a delirious audience. Member would get a hold of them and grab it and she answered his fan mail and in the mid nineteen forties. They, moved to California. When, motion. Pictures right, back, as his renown grew she endured rumors. Of his infidelity with starlets and Lanta Turner was one, of the no names and then rumor became increments It just became Incan you couldn't. Even you couldn't argue with the humiliation of Ava Gardner and he'd lenders were they were it was splashed round the world And. For a time she did, not want to give him the divorce. She said I, have something to find, an precious, to give, up in..

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