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Just yet this is the point when i realized that the the voice of chichi sounds like a voice actor that i just is very distinct from an episode of mystery science theater three thousand there watching a dubbed movie i think it was time of the apes and there's a woman who is like admonishing these kids all the time and i have to look it up i have to find out if the voice of chichi is is that voice because it's something just about the well you know you need to do like there's just something about her like the the tone of her voice that just reminded me of that episode i had the exact same thing with one of the bad guys i don't remember if it was cell or who have you seen the story of ricky ricky oh yeah you know the the warden that keeps all the minson as i've all yes ricky it definitely sounded like someone from dragon ball yeah and like i guess dubbing in japan and like the nineties i guess ricky was probably like earlier nineties that guy was probably still getting work probably that probably that's probably the case anyway in this episode we meet the richest guy ginger town it's fucked up he gets fucked up and this bug is a dick yeah he stabs people like he's the only thing that stabs people that i've seen in the show right yom coupable coupable and trunks yeah you know but yeah this this just piercing sucking attack is is something piccolo shows up ready to fight and he just starts vibrating.

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