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Lysol enough the the mouse is here the screens in the and I'm not kidding okay we got got my wife yep do not approach for the next folks coming in did they actually leave this thing open yeah well not the top was close but there was a white and a half that was sticking out the top so he's in a lot of dry out that's fine no one here knows how to actually clean so this is different for everybody people there's been a there's been a run on Clorox we can't leave that's why I tell my kids of the toilet paper they use like two squares my kids you need one square with your kids used to square is never a problem with that most kids use have a role now they're using the role they're using the whole thing okay and then they this one when the tub thank you hi Kevin how did that even happen the what about no that's yeah that's the bathroom right now how did that all happen it's good to semi attacks that we have here Corey will they have to implement restricting the number of people in the grocery store at a time I mean it might we don't know where this is going airports will they be locked down hard to say I think logically if you think of where we've come and where we're at logically does not seem like that's the next step if we can have fifty people the CDC is recommending strongly not fifty people in the same room well on a plane you're in a very small Roman you can't go anywhere the grocery stores is already happening around the world I don't Italy there live limiting yes yes you do you line up a certain distance apart you have to be a meter to apart he's lined up outside the store and they will let you win as room suffices Hey Corey let's take Larry's collar step further you the liberal media have made a case constantly to try and turn us against our president Donald Trump what you can't seem to figure out is that your only strengthening his in our position what's IT one with the liberal media I love it because in the next one is Corey you love president trump well yeah isn't it obvious liberal media who loves with not look this if you can think whatever you want to think but right now this is not a let's turn on the president for this thing this is a and we have to grieve really kept politics out of it came up in in our ethical discussion with Dr Steven Mintz if you want to catch that interview you can hit the rewind button radio dot com it'll bring it back to we'll go back to eleven oh seven you can hear that conversation we've kept politics out of this because it's much larger than that we should not be arguing about politics right now we should be banding together to find solutions and to keep each other up lifted during this time where it can be a real negative time so we've got politics out of this no one's going after anybody here Hey it's today's top three top.

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