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Cover four and also they'll break off their roles EVA's a seok-kyu covering the Gaurav he'll off now snows Beck show to faith for eighteen yards. So you've got to really be able to cover these guys that I think our guys I think they come from wealth Richard Sherman. Did look right. So he look terrible San Fran. It was. He did. I mean Evans just ran right by and they win at the the former great Richard Sherman. But I don't know. I hope you're right, gene, more. I think I'm more nervous about this matchup than than you are just because of how they've been pitching and catching and how the Panthers struggled in the second year. But you know, just just just the singular point of Dante Jackson if he's able to run and play today instead of being out last week. He I heard on the first play that could change things in your favor. This dossier have a backup in place. That's off the practice squad granted, but that we've all been high on watching him play in the preseason last couple. You've liked the way Lorenzo Dawson played in the preseason. We've taught a easily have made this team being the squad. We said that before optic. He is one of the unsung guy since you don't get to you. Don't knows how good he is. He is a somebody's hurt. And now he has to play. I think you'll see that in and dos. But also what I think we're going to see is. I think in that secondary rule. I know that coach Rogers Jilin. Hey, look, man, we're the guys that Buddha game. If it if we don't do our job in the secondary. Do it's over there's absolutely over. So I think that coming forward going into this game. I think that leadership that room I can't help. But think that these guys will be on the test. I look.

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