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And you know what I was going to say it is. You know, it was in Montana right now, and I was in Bozeman, Montana last night with the guy that Ted's Montana Grill, and this is the guy that runs the restaurant and he's you know, the only thing wrong with him at it sees the Buckeye fan. But, you know, I'm watching the game with these guys and their I mean, they're asking me questions, and I didn't have answers. Right? And I was just one of the guy sitting there watching the game with us. But, you know, we really did go into great detail of who I was or anything else. It was just a bunch of guys hanging out watching football. And honestly, the observations that these guys made were spot on and exactly what we're saying tonight they're going What's wrong with this guy? What's wrong with this team? You got talent. What do they do it and it's it's hard to watch. It's just like they're no money. How about this kid to receptions? The average for his two recessions were 1.5 yards. 1.5 yards in two catches, a total of three yards, what Kolka met our new title and a second round draft choice. Who I think could be a difference. Maker Mony a difference maker, one catch for seven. Alan Robertson, six catches for 43 yards. Those are the questions he should have addressed, along with all the other things that I said about the 50 place about converting on third down instead of what all his philosophy, which means nothing. It means nothing to these players. You start addressing these issues, and those are the issues that are hurting this team. Maggie, you can't convert on third down. You don't score points. We don't run enough place and you're giving up too much energy on defense. Address those in your press conference. Address him. Mm. And really the problem for defense more than anything else is. I'm not making excuse for the defense, but the truth is when you're out there all the time. It's you know, it's it is a struggle. Toe know when your offense runs out there, that your O. C and your head coach couldn't call a play to save their life. So you know, better get ready again. And it wears you out. Just told you And you guys would understand better. Dan and Ed on that side of it. I know you guys, you know, Look, you used to always reported dead the fourth quarter. Just don't screw it up guys to the offense with what? Everybody is rooted. Other filled meaning that, you know. Hey, look, we got you. Just take care of the ball and don't turn. It all hurts your run the ball, you know, actually run the football. You know, we told our offense. When we were coming off on your offensive was coming out. Give a point. You know, we told him Hold him. Just hold him. That's what we told her. Yeah. No, it was, you know, give us a couple plays the rest on you. After a while, we will come back and get your six. Well, gods the good Lord has given us a week off for just oh, rest of readiness after watching that mess last night. Uh, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and no midgets have called off Thanksgiving out there, right? No, no, no, no, We're gonna We're gonna have Thanksgiving. I'm gonna have my son and my grandkids with us, and we're gonna have a wonderful time. So when your family say keep pushing forward, I'm sorry that you guys don't get that same opportunity, but you know if it He's queer life, right? That's how we do it either. Quit Keep your family safe. Glenn, you gotta fight either. Quit for you. Three Thanksgiving either. Quit got you guys see in two weeks. You got it guys and have a great Thanksgiving and hate God bless you all. I miss you guys and good to talk with you. Thank you. When Kozlowski with us here in the nine o'clock hour each and every week Brian is in the poor will get to him coming on back. You're Brian. We appreciate your patience happen will be one more. One more segment to go. A look at what The bye Week is. The Bears are an underdog and by there are five point underdog on Sunday. 7 20, WGN. W g. You've worked so hard for all the things you have salary status success on with that image. There's a drink one to unwind. Want to loosen up? Want to take.

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