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Let's get out of here before we finish this podcast. We always gotTa talk about like travelers the field who you like next week if you got a favorite, do you have a favorite that you like for the travelers next week? You know what I'm GonNa, go out on a limb here and say Jordan. Spieth puts together. Why did I know it's crazy. He's not been able to do it. He's shown flashes though these last two weeks. He's won their. So okay, you know if it's throwing darts right to try to pick a winner, but so I'm gonNA. I'm just GONNA go out on a limb and say how `Bout Jordan. Can He do, can he? Finally he finally put it together and you. This is you truly think. There's no. There's no money being put down on this and if he misses the caught on Friday I, you know okay, you can come back at me and give me a bunch of Greece now. I wouldn't do that. Man. Come on, you know me better net. But. You, just you saw. Did you see something in what Jordan did well ask, I'll be honest with you, you know. He had another disappointing weekend. You know but like. I'm the first round. The guy made a triple on third hole and then made like eight birdies after that shot, what sixty four or sixty five I think it was. I mean yes, you know. What's the issue when a guy struggling? If you're not making birdies. Here. That's, the problem. So. That wasn't the issue. He had the bad whole. He's got to avoid the bad holes and he seems to always have one. You know and he's just not got. It figured out off the tee at. His. He just seems to hit one really bad tee shot every round that kills them. You know and but I mean and obviously the week before he missed a short putter, too, but he also putted pretty well. You know overall so. I don't know. Maybe it's just because I'm I'm sort of rooting for the idea that he needs to get back. And you know how great of a win was that for him? It was it was it two thousand seventeen where you know the the whole often on eighteen right thrall. Yes and the and the in the Gretler rake throw. It was that was great. Yeah, it's two thousand seventeen. So that was only what a few weeks before he won the open and he hasn't won since we're going on three years, it's crazy. Yeah, but see I I'm I'm not shocked that you picked well okay. I should explain why I'm shocked that you pick speeds because you wrote such a great. Article? ON ESPN DOT COM on Sunday. and. This is the guy who on picking this week. Because of it because I'm like you know what I think, you're right and that's books Kepco. On this course being able to hit the shots that he's able to hit, where unlike the real tight tree line. RBC heritage at Harbour town golf links, he can unleash some things. Up here at TPC River highlands. Where it's like Oh this dude now that length is going to be an advantage, and now it looks like he's playing and starting to look like. Would you say like the Old Brooks Koepka? And when that dude old brooks kept good shows up at golf tournaments and is playing like he don't Care Bra. He still next. I mean he just he just he ain't scared. He is not scared to drop the hammer. That's that's Brooks, so I'm shocked that you picked. Jordan speed because I'M GONNA. Pick the DO. Did you wrote about last week that it looks like he's back because I think he is in even though Roy. mcelroy everyone still talks about Roy. Rory's Rory is I. See rory the same way right now that I see speed and you said it three good rounds and his bad round, instead of being able to turn that seventy four into a seventy or sixty nine. Still not able to do that, and until you can turn bad round from a seventy four to seventy or sixty nine. You're not just not able to do it, so listen. I can't take everybody I wrote about come on, I wrote about speed. I wrote about Brooks Bryson. You know so you gotTA. You gotta go with one of them so I guess, but I appreciate you recognizing that, Brooks, you know. Brooks a lot looked a lot more like brooks this past week. On it's crazy to think that's his highest finish since the tour championship when he was forced, and and I know we're all times distorted. That was ten months ago. You know lost. Yeah months ago, the tour championship was at the end of August almost ten months. So you know he had had a top ten cents obviously missed a lot of time and we. We missed a lot of golf, but of course, but still so. Yup! Well Mad. Time flies dude. I hope you have fun hanging out on the podcast with me. We absolutely you are unfortunately. You did too good, so. I do too good now. Anytime Matt is not around. You may have to become a regular fill in and the one thing you don't have to do for the podcast. Where mask me all right. I know where it's tough. Fill in the shoes of of professional broadcaster like math so. So I don't have. No happy to try Oklahoma Bigger head, he had something of time in this head out Arizona Where he's at now. Man. This.

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