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The end cut like a dig route plus twenty 20yard gain that with the yards after the case turned down because they all win any carteret corey fuller took it to the how may not bake i think when he he didn't catch a clean so now they don't tapped him up or touch him they all go for the ball nad snag at a maul keeps run he he's run it and then i know that you're going to an a another one were geir grayson had an outstanding throw all great to jake lattmann a and and now devilish a great past great cage thous one or two lesson that was the highlight real that catch it added high point and i i just with a win those small to get an in there know that that was a great play a greater latvian all right we'll come back with them because bobby heads the caging cannons call coming up next given his take and then later in our it's deuces wild are resident pros they've been and then that they are breaking out today's second training camp practice with the black and gold right here on saints radio this is wwe no another traffic update on a big 870 wwl and wwl on fm at 105 3 from the wwl traffic center i'm bob frost and still got some delays back around general de gaulle as you make your way from the west bank to the east bank of the crescent city connection bridge earlier accident on the bridge is now clear and we got an accident now around campo p and that's causing some slowdowns their riverbound expressway stopandgo traffic backed the claiborne company while and these to the cbd back to orleans nam from la applause hitherto the kenner area i'll be got delays back around i 55 is your pros the body every spillway at death an open up until you get to about milepost people eighteen had then slow the gathered round loyala earlier accident headed out to visit sippy from slidell is clear headed out the high rise the lease their aback around the ten six ten split on the guy tenet and back around the legion peels on the six ten and as you make your way towards the covington area on the i.

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