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In Boston 55 degrees at 7 30 for I Am told Laurie Grandi is back with us this morning. So let's do whether in traffic together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic. Laurie, what's going on? I just don't even know it's Kremlin. Some telling you 24 North bound, though a little bit of good news. We had seven cars involved in a crash by 106 in Westbridge water that has now been cleared. We are, of course, still seeing delays. His things try to get back up to speed. You're going to start slowing down there, 104 and that continues to 106 there on West Bridgewater. Let's get a check of downtown. Now, with Krista Neck in the mob free insurance copter, Lori we had may have over on memorial drive. It was a crash. Three vehicles involved over Western out that's gone. So are the delay is a good news there. Start driving heavy announce, general delivery down still all locked up all the way down the road Drive West. Open bridge Outbound. Keep in mind that the operative fourth Street Chelsea has shut down until three o'clock in the afternoon of operating insurance copter. All right, here's the situation on 93. Of course we had that dump truck fire. Okay, 93 North bound at 1, 29 and Wilmington. The fire has been put up, but the two right hand lanes are still blocked off. You want to keep it way over to the left hand side approaching. This is the north North bound side there. At 1, 29 and Wilmington. But traffic is jammed on that side and other south on side because you could take a look over at you can't help yourself. Things are on fire. Red lives anyway. 93 Southland continues to be slow going approaching 1 29 and also still dealing with the crash on 93 south on by MA Bell Lab in Stone, Um Laurie Grandi, doubly busy traffic on the three, perhaps for an extra cup of coffee on the back deck of 56 degrees and sunshine here in Boston. It's 7 36 on a Wednesday morning a sneeze. Sends an.

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