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Great show for tonight. We're getting behind a common question of discussion. We've seen this topic. Come up in the past. I'm curious about what goes on behind the scenes right. What makes a great physical therapy school. Admission student what. What does it look like. Should there's lots of things. And i feel like it depends. We'll be one of those answers. I've just had this weird feeling. It depends but we're gonna get inside the minds with with three. Pt program chairs and kind of. Just throw some questions out of the see. What makes a great applicant. What are they looking for some of the things they've seen. What are some of the funny things they've seen. I love asking questions like that. So we'll dig into that the physics of how the show works. If you're watching live we do broadcast live on facebook twitter youtube. If you're doing it live. I want to know where you're watching from. So in the comments below. Drop a comment. Let us know. Hey watching live from here. Just say hi. Be kind of love when you interact if you have a question if you have a comment. Don't hold back feel free to do that. But that's the way interact if you're watching the replay la Excuse me if you're watching this show on replay drop the word replay. And the same thing. I just love to find out where listeners are from. And don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on itunes google and a spotify where great podcasts are heard. Were right there behind the great podcasts. In the okay section of the podcast world so without further ado and you know how much i love do. Bring tonight's guests for marymount university from. At still university in from sacred heart university sky. Donovan lloyd bordenave and chris patrocino ladies gentlemen. Welcome to the show you everyone money. I'm excited that you guys are taking some time outs. A from what i know. It's in the academic year. So you guys must be crazy busy But we love to have good conversations. First off first or foremost thank you guys so much for coming out and the first question is always the hardest. What we drink tonight. We'll go. We'll go clockwise we'll to start with. Who is the professor and chair at my alma mater. Marymount university very unfortunate situation. Total rookie move. I have this delicious star hill. Wild heart but i have no bottle opener right next to me. So i'm just looking at it out of trump's virginia soldering later..

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