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And you cease he's the leery o'connor shell there are a couple of others torpey suppose you know look it's it's one day a year couldn't you turn the politics the progressives live and breathe politics miserable politics it wasn't even like fun like oh we just sit around and we make fun of politicians no it is everything is it i call it michael stipe disease michael stipe is the lead singer of i guess former lead singer of of rem rem has now defunct although if they weren't i don't think anybody would notice and if you've ever seen michael stipe interviewed he always looks like somebody just beat up and murdered his dog he always how can you have any fun in life when you know that somebody somewhere out there is is suffering and he's got you know what one would assume looking in on it nobody knows it goes on and somebody's head what in pretty good life he plays music for a living he hasn't done that for some time but he's got enough money and get mailbox money just shows up at the mailbox big fat cheque it doesn't really have the the worries of i got to pay my bills that normal human beings half but he's afflicted he's patient zero when it comes to michael stipe disease and therefore he's just miserable all the time enter a new entrant apparently it's it's spreading a guy named robert strong seems on christmas restrung must not have very nice family or any family whatsoever and doesn't sound like he really deserves a family 'cause the stories about him i'll just read it to you this is from reuters a man claiming to be the person who delivered a gift wrapped package of horsemanure at the los angeles home of us treasury secretary steve mnuchin said on monday he did it to protest the federal tax overhaul signed into law last week by president donald trump now get this disconnect there because de mnuchin while he did advocate on behalf of the tax overall he didn't have a vote he didn't have.

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