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From still throwing out there look to fit the the football Jiji and they also ties to sign. There isn't really anything that we've seen nowadays -pletely. Known is it a case of way way back the era of the ply manager the we will not and we're gonNA talk about load. Listen to the first episode of this series with a good couple applies the became manages that we're GonNa talk about the plant manager, the Holy Roy fall the I'm just going to go out and say you coming gigging or pick Kenny Dalglish this condo type that went out of fashion, and then you've got nowadays Gerard you've got the lamb pods that's so of Fascist Combat Kane and in my head and maybe your head a fellow there's nothing in between a wall Wilson was necessarily apply manager I never really fit that moat. He just feel a little bit like a very very. Only incarnation of the cross between the to- incentive like he's the frogman part of his diet without necessarily being very follow club. But the why he was given the job, the role did the first year a probably looked a little more successful in the moment when you're looking back on it, I'm not trying to slide. This is genuine me using it as an excuse dislike Franklin Paul put just a failed locates in that. So mould and I didn't necessarily know or feel that that's what I was GonNa think started researching this where he got the to superstar KS, to begin with Cardiff. Era Kevin and Kenny. Then you Kinda go keeping that colloquialisms alive. You've got Steve Franken kind of gutter superstar on a plastic Donnie Wilson is the gristle that's kind of kept the mill going Mosad managerial history really type of is both of these neither. Is Not superstar Blah is like a solid player. He was a solid midland comedy career in terms of the rich history of English foot. We got a lot more closure a lot more history MRS lot more opportunities. PLAS- to kind of match kind of. The playing style to the manager starred in terms of what you make achievement very loosely. So you've got scope kind of superstar players come soups on manages bitterly plasmids. Terrible. Class. Company Baiju. So I don T wilson similar to Steve Jordan Frank nonpartisan they had long planned careers and then there now miges Wilson he at least. Eased his way into the manager. He was applying direction voluntarily. On the gate I suppose you say, Lampard for big club God giving a big. Bills. dimply for big clubs particularly taking. A site we'll give you a similar kind of. The comparison falls apart when you go to the end of Danny, Wilson's permitting, manage your career and you go if you Giraldo. Lampard into that situation able handler suspect maybe not perfectly I could ride the I a little bit better than dynamos was able to. Yeah. Spicer is kind of that Ted safe. You've been a big game player big moments times of high pressure at the top end than you guys frost bit more respects be caught us way to go more experienced to kind of draw Ronnie tens of it was almost the opposite of Donaldson Friday's big moments replies who for playing career how achieved a lot more even though what if the high heights? Grip. But in terms of jail Lampe, you could probably throw win the Almighty they might be tactically naive or call it style rubber in terms of where they are and. Careers today especially for Gerard noted, applies used managed in none of the Games, how played bigger games. And speaking of know implying a high level, there is no podcast of that..

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