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He's here. Guys. We got to see this concept. I mean from what I know about the movie just flipping it that way where Jamie Lee Curtis is hell bent on killing him. Yeah. That's kind of a cool way to do it. I know there this article that I was reading said that Nick hassle who played on Mike Michael Myers in the original nineteen Seventy-eight Halloween movies reprising the role. What's interesting about this one is Danny McBride is a eastbound and down guy, and you we know him as the funny guy, directing or is he scripting? I've written written or directed by Dan McBride. Yeah. It's fun. It'll put a new twist on it. It'll be I think it's so cool. That Jamie Lee Curtis is completely on board with this. Come on guys. Halloween is coming. It's coming. Are. We going. I can't because of but it's not like scary stuff. It's suspense. With you. Oh god. Right. I don't think I would see that. I just yeah. I I've probably seen less than certainly less than ten scary movies. My whole life. Wow. What I'm I'm with you on that. Because if you see a scary movie at the wrong point in life. It leaves a lasting impact on you. I can't go in the ocean. Thank you jaws. Yeah. I'm terrified of ghosts. Thank you, exorcist poltergeist, Amityville horror. But this is scary. This is going to be out on October nineteenth. Okay. So that is the New Orleans another movie, I can't believe there has not been a movie or I didn't realize there. If there was a movie about Vincent Van Gogh Willem Defoe is going to be in the upcoming film at eternity skate, and he's gonna play Van Gogh at the height of his artistic breakthrough. So it's basically follows his time at an asylum as well as his meeting another famous painter Paul Gauguin play by Oscar Isaac who encourages him to find new forms of painting. It looks really good. Here's a little bit.

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