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The question of the georgia you russia conflict of two thousand and eight which happened in the summer of two thousand eight while barack obama and john mccain were contesting for the presidential election two thousand eight during the financial crisis we now know the beginning of the great recession and one of the members of the senate who rushed to georgia to stand beside saakashvili then the president of georgia now a citizen of ukraine but therein lies the tale in any event was joe biden the chairman of the foreign relations committee in the senate a very powerful position at the time that moment of joe biden standing beside saakashvili and standing up to russia because latimer putin rushed home from the olympics in beijing to lead were told afterwards the russian offensive against saakashvili that moment brought joe biden to the four of possible vice presidential candidates and we now know that president obama then candidate obama senator obama chose joe biden because of his foreign policy credibility during that summer so here's a remark about georgia in the debate with michael mcfaul european investigative commission found that georgian president saakashvili had started the war this is beyond dispute simply beyond dispute what we don't know or maybe professor mcfaul knows i don't know the extent to which washington did did or did not encourage soccer's feeling to attack a mystery that to my knowledge has not been addressed is there a place that is investigating the bush administration's communication with saakashvili during that summer of oh eight here's what we what i know other people may know more and i don't know that anybody who's undertaken a special investigation because american opinion i think scholarly nfc icial and media has been that russia provoked the war and that russia was to blame and yet the european commission after the war found that georgian president saakashvili had begun the.

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