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That pursue really shattered her world and her whole life, and what happened is still with her. All the time. I'll hear a name that might be a family name of one of the victims. Are I see an individual going down the street in a wheelchair? And they're about the age that they would have been if they'd been injured, and I get a visceral reaction. What's he was talking about was a national tragedy? And if you're too young to remember hearing about it on the news, you've definitely heard about it since here sue on the Ted stage. The last time I heard my son's voice with when he walked out the front door on his way to school. He called out one word in the darkness. It was April twentieth. Nineteen ninety nine later that morning at Columbine high school. My son Dylan and his friend Eric killed twelve students and a teacher and wounded more than twenty others before taking their own life. Thirteen innocent people were killed. Others sustained injuries, some resulting in disfigurement and permanent. Disability. There's no way you assess the magnitude of the tragedy like Columbine, especially when it can be a blueprint for other shooters who go on to commit atrocities of their own Columbine was a tidal wave and when the crash ended it would take years for the community and for society to comprehend its impact. Today on here to share the experience of what it's like to be the mother of someone who kills it hurts..

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