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Would the episode where catch pussycats were on Scooby doo? That's a great example. Okay. I will tell you. If we asked a lot of people would tell us how they have cats and dogs, and they get along great that the like sleep together. The people who have tearing each other to shreds aren't gonna call. Brad. So stupid. I put cats and dogs together. And now I have a sliced up dog and a half eaten. No. I mean. Okay. When I was a kid, and I'm not jumping the fence. I'm not saying, I'm now a cat guy. But I had we had our main pet which was a dog. But then we also had some cats when I was a kid, and that's the last time I ever want cats. The first cat that we brought in we had to slowly introduce the cap to the dog, and they ended up getting along great. You don't like like we kept the cat on a different level at first. And then just like let them supervise be around each other lots of sniffing and by two or three days in they were like best friends. They never they never went at each that easy Bill. I was thinking about getting a cat. You are. Why why is that? I've had two dogs in a row that we're supposed bread for roads who don't give a damn about the mice. And I saw a mouse Saturday morning if I could be guaranteed that the cat. I was buying was a good mouser. Get in. This phone number is. I don't know if you're ever going to have a pet that's going to take care of your mice, man. Dachshund they were bred to go in holes and pick out road. And that's why they're so long and skinny. That's not happening in the. Couldn't the mice droppings in the cabinet where her dog food is territorial about her food. No. I mean, she has to hear him in there. She's always hanging out around. They're hoping for a treat. Right, right. Yeah. You would think, hey, no, not my food. Exactly. All right. Our phone number's one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five first of all. Which is the inferior animal our cats inferior to dogs. I think the answer is pretty clear, you do not have working cats. Do not have a bomb. Sniffing cat. You do not have a seeing eye cat. Cats are not that bright dogs are smarter than you're gonna get a bunch of arguments, there dot C. And you know, what I hate, you know, what people say because cancer too smart to train. To your will. Exactly. That's what somebody invariably always says is that cats are actually smarter than dogs, which is why you can't train them because they've got that's that's like saying when the guy screws up your order at McDonald's that's like saying. Well, that's because he's a genius to see. You can't train genius. He's not going to actually give you the fries. He's going to give you the chicken nuggets by mistake. Why because he's so spart. No, I'm sorry. Cats are idiots. Cats are stupid and cats are a holes cats are rude. Cats are nasty and I've had cats, but I've learned I would never want to have another cat. And here's another thing. What are they do? They jump on your countertops after clawing through their little four paws into the litterbox. Getting God knows what microscopically on the pads of their feet that this supposed to have some sort of disinfectant quality still on there. I bet you and they're jumping on the. Food surfaces where you're doing all your food. Prep jumping on top of the God. It's awful having a cat. All right. Which is the better pet. Is it a cat or is it a dog and how many people at one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five how many people have had both at the same time. And did you prefer one over the other? And did they kill each other one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five three eighteen years. New Jersey fast traffic.

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