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Past the hour now Time for check of sport from around the world here's Dan schwarzman Thanks Brian Sources say that New York Jets owner woody Johnson is readying a bit to buy Chelsea F.C. as already reached out to the group organizing the bidding process Johnson is a former ambassador to the United Kingdom Chelsea is being sold by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich who's reported to be seeking 3 billion pounds for the club Paris Saint-Germain start killing and BAPE is doubtful for Wednesday's Champions League round of 16 second light clash versus Real Madrid after suffering a foot injury in practice an MRI did not reveal a fracture as Zimbabwe has begun treatment to try to be fit for the match in Madrid with PSG holding a one goal advantage Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley has been suspended at least the entire 2022 season for betting on NFL games and its investigation the league says no games are compromised and no inside information was used Ridley place bets during a 5 day stretch in November while on the non football illness list The NFL says no other players or coaches were aware of Ridley's gambling ESPN reports that the Green Bay Packers have made a significant contract offered Aaron Rodgers that would change the quarterback market moving forward The 38 year old says he wants to make a decision whether he stays in Green Bay the place somewhere else by the deadline to franchise tag players which is Tuesday Finally the New England Patriots informing veteran linebacker Kyle van noy that he will be released which will save over $4 million in cap space The 30 year old was on his second stand with the Patriots I'm Dan sportsman that your Bloomberg world sports out day Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick tape This is a Bloomberg business launch Markets have been focused on elevated price action in the commodity space and the subsequent worry over much higher inflation along with weaker economic growth as well and it's not just the oil story natural gas in Europe along with palladium and copper at all time highs in the price of wheat earlier in the day traded at a record high in Chicago obviously this has got to create a lot of concern especially when you're looking at margin pressure for big companies and perhaps a contraction in discretionary spending Right now the city economic surprise index for the U.S. indicates that if you look at the probability that we are able to derive from those numbers and I am saying we here as Bloomberg the probability of a global recession over the next year is only about 15% but still there's this narrative the inflationary angst and a subsequent worry about perhaps inflation or recessionary pressure We're seeing a pullback here in the price of crude oil right now with WTI down about 9 tenths of 1% kind of a curious move we traded above one 21 earlier one 1850 one of the issues of the moment as a potential ban from the U.S. on imported Russian oil and energy products not so much because the U.S. uses so much Russian oil only about 3% of total U.S. imports are reliant on Russia but it's the fact that the U.S. may be asking the European Union to join in on banning Russian energy products And if you're a Germany that's a tall order If you look at what's happening in the bond market right now yields are rising at tenure at one 80 a two year at one 56 and in the equity space we've got the nikkei weaker by just a tenth of 1% Hanks hang actually rallying right now by something greater than 1% healthcare shares leading this advance on the Chinese mainland trunk high composite higher by a tenth of 1% weakness though in Seoul where the Cosby is down for tens of 1% and in Sydney the ASX 200 off two tenths of 1% Take another look at markets in 15 minutes At Baxter has global news from the Bloomberg newsroom in San Francisco Eddie All right thank you very much Doug Third round of talks between Russia and Ukraine have failed to make any progress Ukraine says ultimatum Russia says nothing had wanted to hear Ukraine again.

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