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White House turnover all information related to its searches that have uncovered classified documents at President Biden's home and former office. The death toll rises from a Russian missile strike on an apartment building in the southeastern Ukrainian city of dnipro. And today is Martin Luther King Jr. day that means holiday closures and a whole bunch of day of service events. Stay with WTO for more on these top stories and just minutes. It's 8 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s back to the traffic center and Jack Taylor. That's an update we weren't ready to hear in the district, the heavy crash on D.C. two 95 headed northbound up at benning road. You'd been under police direction while the police are directing you off of D.C. two 95 north, you're diverting on to bening road, then you can rejoin beyond bening road beyond the scene of this crash and continued cleanup. South Bend lanes were never affected. You look good from eastern avenue all the way down toward the 11th street bridge. You'll find we're quiet across the freeway, no late issues to speak up along New York avenue where the third street tunnel. We'd had a trouble spot in Virginia. Now going north on three 95, top end, that left exit ramp to take you onto the northbound, George Washington Parkway, crash wrapping up. It's along the right side of that ramp. I think the truck that was involved minivan type of truck, I think that's gone. I think V dot maybe the last person there. Georgetown pike near river bend road, you'd been under police direction to that crash had a Great Falls. Bell weighs fine between Alexandria and McLean, no interstate delays to speak of a long 66, 95 or three 95 everybody headed inbound. Now we'd had some activity in Maryland reported. Northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway of near arundel mills boulevard there had been that reported crash. We are quiet otherwise between the beltways without delays on 95 a.m. the VW Parkway route three in gambrills, southbound, all traffic diverts on a saint Stephens church road. There was a serious crash the investigations ongoing had wa chapel road northbound lanes are unaffected. You're still fine getting out of Frederick, running two 70 south to the lane divide, no worries across the ICC. It's looking good. Johns Hopkins cancer care in the greater Washington area, with renowned cancer experts in our community, including its sibley and suburban hospitals. Find out more at Hopkins cancer, D.C. dot org. Jack Taylor WTO traffic. Storm team four's Chad Merrill has promised we're seeing that bright sunshine out there this morning. Yes, in our temperatures are slowly starting to respond here early this morning will be in the mid 40s by noon, low 50s this afternoon sunshine will filter through a few of those high clouds this afternoon, but a great MLK day overall. Temperatures will be in the mid 30s tonight, probably not nearly as much frost on the car because we'll have some cloud cover moving in that will produce a couple of sprinkles on Tuesday morning, temperatures will be around 50 on Tuesday afternoon. We'll be in the low 60s on Wednesday, back into the 50s with showers on Thursday, breezy behind that storm system on Friday, but no sign of any cold air temperatures will be in the 50s Friday, the average low is 30°, which we're very close to, but the average high 44 and we are going to be well above that Mark, the entire week. It is $32 international 34 at BWI Marshall, even warmer at Reagan national airport at 36°. Already, Chad, the weather brought to you by new look home design. Right now, save 50% on all roofing materials and labor. And coming up. Demands for justice from family and friends of 13 year old caron Blake. I'm dick Gillian. It's 8 21. Tonya Odom, the director of diversity, equity, and inclusion DEI at care first blue cross blue shield joined WTO on a discussion about transforming healthcare. Tonya leads the companies continued commitment to recruiting, developing and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce to design innovative healthcare solutions for the people and communities care first serves. When we think about the varsity equity and inclusion, these are all terms that most people are familiar with. And diversity is really about the mix of people that you have in an organization. Whereas inclusion is about the experience. More about the environment and how each employee experiences that environment. It really is about a shared responsibility, making sure that everyone is doing their part and that we're giving employees and leaders the tools. That they need to really exhibit those behaviors and inclusive behaviors as well as encourage their staff to be more engaged and feel part of the organization. Listen to the entire discussion on WTO P dot com. Search care first. Nobody

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