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Justice. Listen also reported this interaction with two police. They call police. Police were dispatched. They looked around for him and they did not see him. Unfortunately that was not the end of it. Brian riley returned the next day on the feth at four. Am and that's when he allegedly shot gleason and three other family members dead. He apparently went home to his girlfriend told her about the sex trafficking and whatnot and she was like okay sweetie. It's ok. they got into an argument over it with her telling him you got is not speaking to you. Because brian riley have been telling her for a couple weeks. Apparently the two weeks prior that god was speaking to him directly and telling him that he needs to save this girl named amber that he really did believe that he was on a mission from god to save this named amber he and his girlfriend got into an argument over it. She went to bed when she woke up he was gone. All of this was unfolding. So brian riley went back to justin justice gleeson home and he treated this and planned this like a military operation. He admitted this to investigators. He checked for three points of entry. He checked the streets. He glow sticks to put in your accents. He ended up so before he wants the attack. He said a vehicle on fire so that police would respond to it before they actually responded to the home. He stated it out. He initially tried to break into a door. That didn't work so he just shot through and then entered the home. As brian riley was making his way into the home. He murdered justice gleeson first then he murdered two recent lanham as she was holding her her three month old son and then shot both of the multiple times. Eleven year old girl was there as well and brian. Riley allegedly escorted her into the living room where he questioned her about an eleven year old girl named amber. The girl insisted that she did know. An amber newin by that name lived in that home and so riley shot her in the thought by and told her to tell him the truth again. She doubled down. Like i don't know what you're talking about. And so he shot her in the stomach. After counting down from three like three to one she told investigators she saved her own life by pretending to be dead after he shot her. In the stomach. Now can you imagine watching someone. Murderer your parents. And your three three-month-old old sibling. And you have to pretend to be dead on the floor after being shot twice andrew eleven years old. I cannot even fathom that brian riley is currently being held at the polk county jail on no bond and apparently he is still telling investigators that he is there to help amber and that sex trafficking is the big problem which honestly i'm wondering if that is a q..

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