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Wall Street Journal listeners. Come from all walks of life and business and no matter what type of business urine eighty P is here to help you achieve what you're working king for with. HR talent time benefits and payroll informed by data and designed for people learn more at design. Don ADP DOT COM. I'm Jr whalen and the newsroom of the Wall Street Journal in New York President. Trump said he planned to depart the NATO summit in the UK early after after a hot mic video emerged of a group of world leaders apparently making comments about trump with him present. The video captures world leaders. Chiding French President Emmanuel Annual Macron for being late macron had come from a meeting with trump who had held a lengthy press conference with reporters earlier in the day before he departs for Washington. Trump said he would meet with leaders of Denmark and Italy as well as with other NATO members about contributing to defense spending in Washington. Republicans and Democrats clashed at the Judiciary Committee. Committee's first impeachment hearing on Wednesday the committee. Here's from four law professors today to help determine whether the allegations that president trump asked Ukraine to initiate gate investigations that could benefit him politically constitute grounds for impeachment. EXPEDIA group CEO Mark Ochre strum and chief financial officer. Allan Pickerel have resigned after clashing with the company board over the online travel companies direction. Chairman Barry diller said the reorganization plan that expedia launched earlier. This year resulted in a loss of focus on current operations which he blamed for disappointing third quarter results and lackluster. near-term outlook diller vice chairman chairman. Peter Kern will manage day to day operations while the board determines the long-term leadership of the company. We wore details on these stories and other news of the day at Wsj.com and the W._S._J. APP..

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