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O. W. to four one one four one one tax now two four one one four one one now one time traffic news and weather on the pay to morning once again we're following an accident in Washtenaw county ninety four westbound between Michigan Avenue and US twenty three stop and go from here on road you're right two lanes are blocked expect about a nine minute delay there delays rain along southbound seventy five between Baldwin and appeared due to road construction your left lane close their expect those delays offramp closed on southbound seventy five itself will grow keep that in mind he wrote construction so moving traffic remains force along the blue water bridge westbound between Canada and the US thirty minute delay there for commercial vehicles and the laser made along north bound seventy five between square like and the pier road road construction were slow in forty one spell between Ford road in US twenty three sunshine expected today a few afternoon clouds highs around eighty five for us partly cloudy this evening a low of sixty eight tomorrow partly cloudy skies and a high of eighty seven degrees we're currently at seventy two and sunny skies from the townhall dot com newsroom a crackdown on bad driving on the lodge freeway by Michigan state police resulted in over two hundred tickets being written and the arrest of two fugitives troopers targeted the Detroit highway yesterday and most of the ticket seventy eight or for speeding one driver was caught doing ninety seven miles an hour blatantly ignoring the speed limit of fifty five also the man who was shot this week by a gas station clerk in Detroit who was trying to stop a man from stealing potato chips is opening up about what happened Alistair Rome was shot in the ribs as the result of an argument between his brother Jamal moblie and the clerk.

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