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Had aspirations of my head like the back of my mind l. Maybe this will lead to other stuff but had no promises no-one and said hey. You're coming here. Maybe we can also get you over here at the tv. I had no expectations that whatsoever. I was coming to hopefully a damn good job of up a great radio show when i got here and that was all it was promised what was your initial. After midnight. Yes who is <hes> radio live with his night show now <hes> yeah and and they came here for or that radio was that radio show and we built that from ground zero. There is really nothing radio. Yes we got to really design the studio and when i got here it was like a card table in like four microphones and they were so we had to like build. Everything from scratch was really fun but i will say that <hes> once i was in the building for a little bit and i didn't ask ask for. I didn't go to producers. I didn't say but i was willing whenever anyone came to me and said hey you wanna try this. I would always go yes so whenever they came to me and said well. You're not that ugly navy. You're very handsome cody. Maybe we could use you for this. Would you want to do this. And of course i'd be yes. I'll try. I definitely want to grow. I wanted to be better and i had the back of my mind like i said maybe i'd t._v.'s eventually. I will tell you that when i was a kid outside of being being a radio d._j. Wannabe i would like wanna be tv weatherman. I thought that was like i lather. I know i love the weather channel. I love it as a child. I would take cardboard pieces of cardboard and i would make weather maps my parents and give them the weather report across the country so i thought thought maybe one day that will be where all that leads so yeah. I was totally willing whenever you came to producers in the building. Hey what do you want to try something different. You would try this and see if you're good at it or not. We'll see we've listened they weren't they were.

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