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And then all of a sudden coup why Leonard steps up and makes the steel and comes down and hits the three and you say to yourself and then the game was out of reach. I don't think Philly's scored another point the rest of the time. And then the lead balloon bagged up ballooned backup plays seconds. And you're like that's that is the team. And literally you're like this is why the talent level in Toronto is better than the town level in Philly and Philly doesn't have a bad team. That's a playoff team four or five seed as far as I'm concerned three seat if they're really playing well, and they have one of the best players in the league in Joel Embiid. But I'm just saying though, Joel Embiid we set against the pistons, Sydney, he flopped harder than the movie skyscraper. Yeah. He was he, you know. But that to me said, okay. The talent level is different. So I'm saying to myself who on the Laker. How do the Lakers compare even at all, you know, as far as as far as talent in that in that in the west, you just they can't, you know, you're looking at the nuggets even the Lakers beat the nuggets. But you're looking at the nuggets you're looking at Houston. You're looking at Golden State. You know, I'm just not even seeing how they're going to make the playoffs. Yeah. I think the Lakers at this point should consider becoming the Super Bowl halftime show in some way. Globetrotter version about half entertainment yet, maybe like a wrestler. Throw one on. Just like they'd just throw out confetti and buckets. I mean, this could be the new Globetrotters. Yeah. They're they're an exhibition. They're all exhibitions. Everything's an exhibition game and Zaka from Zach f Ron's on the guessing. Showman. Shirtless Ephron in in a dyke shirtless. But in an one shorts and the greatest showman hat. And they're just kind of like, yeah. We don't go by the winds in law. We have a difference of. Judged by how many people show up after the show for autographs, and look we're doing in that regard. We're sales smart sales were selling a lot Lakers floppy. Just look at Twitter impression. Our social footprint is huge. Yes. I do think the Lakers are going to sell out like every you know, what I mean? Like you do. Yeah. Great. So like from a business perspective. It's kind of like. You know, like for all those years that the cubs were like selling out Wrigley field because really was just such a fun place to go. And so that management was like, well, we don't need to put a product on the field. That's worth a damn. We're still making all of our money, which by the way, have you been around Wrigley recently. Have you been to Wrigley when we would go in the eighties and early nineties when we went it was like a old Chicago neighborhood. And there was just a bunch of junk around there, and it was kind of cool, and it just sprung up around these little old houses it made you say an again because we were never around in this period of time. But you're like, oh, this is a time capsule of what it must have been like like Ebbets field or certainly like Fenway park and whatnot. You just like oh it just pops up in the middle of his neighborhood. And now it is just like giant apartment building, hotels and stuff all around it. And it's just it's such a bummer to see winning took the soul out of the team. And actually think that that has something to do with them not not repeating in some. Mhm ways form, you know, what I mean that that sort of the the formula the sauce that made them great is is is gone. But I will say that, you know. Yes, Boston was so goddamn good this year. You knew they were going to win based on the season that they had. But you still there was still a moment..

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