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Blow. Offensive by Molly in and French troops has reportedly killed 100 jihadists. Fighting is part of a longstanding conflict in the northern half of the country, which has spilled over into neighboring states. We can speak now to Mohammed Saleh, journalist In the capital, Bamako. Hi, Mohammed. What do we know about this? It seemed to come from a press release from the Malian army. What you know is that million army working with French Army had killed hundreds behind this and capture 20 and destroy motto bikes, according to Million Army statement. So this operation, uh, toe one month's toe to partner toe Keep those stories in Mayan Center area, which Is closed toe Burkina Faso in that area on group and child. These are very active. So the million Army and friends collaborate closely, toe try toe under the covering off a group of terrorists. And is there any independent confirmation of this Because it's a pretty difficult area for journalist, for example, to get access to, isn't it? Hmm. You know, easy to get access to those aria, But the only ways to get information is from Molly, A army and frank. So from now, the memory information.

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