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You familiar. With the carol of the organ grinder's monkey that was the trailer for mac going upon net flicks on the fourth of december. And i think in some cinemas if you're outside of england west animus may still be open and sometime in august charlotte when they reopen under the prince charles's announced they will be sharing it so just a little shoutout. Check your indecent. Emma's ask them if they're gonna play. It gives them all the support. You can point how to check your local listings. So david fincher a big filmmaker not very big filmography only eleven films. I suppose before we dive into our specific picks. I'd like to know what your history fincher is. So at american. See i what was your first venture if you like him as filmmaker i mean he's he's one of my one of my boys for sure i strove into the first film of his watch. I think of feeding is probably something like fight club. I have a vague memory of what are staying up late at night with a friend watching it on like a repeat on channel four or something not really kind of getting and a suspected with one i revisited on a film studies course some point so i think that would have been most people that entry point one to probably two or three films around that time to eat a seven fight. Club certainly wasn't until much later that go into. I guess the stuff much like eighty three yen misincentives of really kind of he's been pretty consistently favorite filmmakers. I think the first film. I probably went to save his in the cinema would've been zodiac. Quite big gap between panic room in zodiac zodiac Actually went along on my own and sore at the how the lights which is now picture house down in southampton and i went to a late night screening of that and actually went back to more times that wait to see again. 'cause was just kind of so captivated an engrossed by And so yeah. I think my my love affair. Although we'll we'll we'll find out soon enough that might pick was not zodiac. I think just for the sake of bread potatoes. This podcast Could talk until the cows come home about that film. So wanted to switch gears. A bit but Seem to always go back to and that's my that's really a great love of mine. Is i features. He said a unique filmmaker anyway. The two of his films out first decade as a feature film maker became like rights of passage movies. Teenagers and i sort of grew up in in the nineties. Almost along with those films. Seven was film. That i definitely was too young to see on tally. When my dad would have been watching sky movies growing up and then when you're a super serious you know damn the man kind of teenager fight club comes along almost the perfect point in in two thousand but my first venture probably was alien three. I've i distinctly. Remember that film coming out so i remember the video game and i remember the controller. Cathy around it the divided opinion on it and then the fact that the alien quadrille ajay is. It's cold has been released and re released on all formats. Multiple times has given me many times to go back and rewatch hits. And of course we're not gonna get into whether the assembly cut of alien three is better than the theatrical because it is also. We don't want to litigator with something that could be talked about at length on twitter. But i think the first venture i saw cinema was probably the social network just because of the timing of it all he for me he was. Hsa dvd filmmaker seven and fight clip were in constant rotation. It's only been in the social network posts. Social network is career. That i've seen him on the big screen. So it's an interesting filmmaker. Actually how not to point to you is the example of youth on our podcast. But did you come. You must naturally a bit later. What was your first venture. Yeah well i guess like i i kind of was exposed to him before i really knew who he was because i watched a lot of like united they really really exist anymore but the tv channels that just shy music videos. And i kind of like. I would watch Constantly especially at sleep harvests n. T director of music videos for madonna. So i kind of had seen the videos for vogue and things and been like. Wow these really cool videos and it's not realized that it was him behind them And i think service while like hanoch room and Seven were kind of on tv. Law in the mid noughties. When i was geoghegan's my teens and i think they were kind of they would definitely want that. My mom was like now. You not watching. That is to cut adult for you So i think kind if like subconsciously. A web oversee the puzzle pieces didn't fall into place until much later. So i think like technically the first one i really like sat down and watched was was probably fight club I remember doing an essay on it for my year. Nine class on we would mooting about free. Will and i wrote a power play goal. She must have just hated me but Yeah i i guess from that on it was kind of a that was it. I was absolutely hooked. I still like. I was still even when he came out i was. I was definitely too young seaside yet. When it came out. But i do remember guarantee the social network my friends and obviously like you know they had no idea who david finch was. I already knew. Because i seen fight club on seven by that point. I remember the scene. Y i'm the big. The winkle twins are rowing the the cambridge regatta and the whole of the mountain king is playing. I remember having this transcendental. Come to jesus wires dislike. This is this is. This is what it's all about and I really truly credit him with being like along with the classic broke. Canon of martin scorsese quentin tarantino of being. Like you know the people who got me into film and made me realized this was something that i wanted to kind of make a career out of..

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