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The bad here once again. Another episode her business. Her voice her conversation. Well you know. It is not normal that i always time stamp a episode but i feel we are in october november and i want to time style this episode because it is time for you to seriously think about writing your book and then move past thinking about actually write your book. I always leave back on what stays in my heart. The fact we have people who sat in their seats sat on their couch said at their jessop. This time last year they plan to write a book. They plan to re invent themselves they had they made Vision boards. they went through the whole gamut and came this time this year. Some of those people are no longer with us so it's not like we could actually say we have time on our side. We never know what's going to happen. And please do not take your stories. Your ideas your big as iovine. Your big ideas. Please do not take them to your grave. The world is swirling talking about the world match. Us your zip code. We need to hear from you. So i am bringing onto people that i have just fallen in love with. Because they're good people and they are professional people and they know their stuff. I would never bring people before you. Who are now top notch and talking about tom. Egg yolk von vida. The time and divan show. That's what we're gonna call it okay. They are entrepreneurs they are publishers. They are authors m. When i tell you they work on major projects they do read them and we. This book is built on scientific principles. Six science back ways reaching ways. That reading puts you on the road to achieving more living longer by tom collins. Tom is with us today. You're the beta. This is a joint venture of their power. How to write a book. Okay so today. The argue mystifying and taking away all of the reasons why. You can't write a book so tom collins and your von davita. Thank you for being here today. I'm so happy kills. Thank you for inviting us. Oh it wouldn't have it any other way. I want people to understand. How would this dynamic dual get together. How did you find yourself in this big sea of people in this big old world of ours. You're i tell the story you better than i do. Well so we were at a business. Networking event and the format. That morning was for people to ask questions about Business issues tech issues that they might be having a problem with and There were probably thirty or forty people in the room long table. I was down at one end. She was down at the other end. Unbeknownst to me and She asked a question and as it happened. I thought i might have a useful answer. So i stood up and she turned to look at me and it was game over right from the moment. I saw her is I i knew. I needed to meet this woman. We had never met face to face about a week later. We had lunch together. A the excuse was to talk about collaborating on some business projects. Perhaps and it went from there. We've we've been twenty years twenty years ago. Yeah house hand. Clap on that one. That and in business writing still entrepreneurs still writing following your dreams. This is my goodness okay. I'm going to be quite. Because i feel the question i wanted but i just want everybody to know that you guys work together. Lift together zeke together and and the way you produce together you note together. You haul have built businesses and multiple businesses. You have raised a family. You have have Graciously said that should come here today. And the way that you approach everything is so so beautiful. Cohill margot We got together. And from that i launch that we had Built out from that was the fact that we both had a passion for achievement and looking at the bigger picture of. How can we help people. How can we help. Other people be successful In in the other kind of humorous part of the story was he was working in business. we like to call tom. The recovery lawyer me hose. He's a four lawyer litigator and at the time that him was looking really tried to help other lawyers get on with technology. I was helping people right counting on web too. Many small businesses were just had this woefully poor continents and so we got together and i decided to write a book so the book i decided to write a copy of his new tile. I must have one You can't lay hands on it. i'll go grab one. I i do. I just tried to hide it. Provocative squawk number but hid them all. There it is canton state tended started off..

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