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The the speed, and this could not have made marquess all that happy to have because he was looking like loan speed with tap to win, and here's four left the to keep company from the six whole four left thirty two one. We mentioned rate Lou, Guitars and jungle. The candy right cold for Cal met Steve Asmussen a fifty to one David Arizona's morning line Tis. The law drew the eight and Barclay tagged. Kind of didn't grouse, but Barkley yes, seemingly would have preferred to be a couple of. Holes inside, but. Considering the jungle runner! Is Not, GonNa Break Sharp and be part of the early pace and four left. Probably is Tis the law, and Manny Franko to five on the morning line and I think likely to go lower Tis the law should have A. Very easy opportunity along the backstretch to find whatever comfort zone and probably sit third think behind four left and tap it to win. From the outside and the nine hole. Rat Ortiz with Dr. Post the other todd. pletcher runner, this four Vinnie Viola, Saint Elias the four hundred thousand dollar Quality Road Colt, and coming out of the unbridled win, going a mile and a sixteenth at Gulfstream the nine hole Dr Post five to one and the third choice on the line, and then pneumatic draws whitest and Ricardo Santana Junior. You'd have to expect coming out of the Matt Win. He got you got the sense that Santana probably hits the hits the ground running. A fifty nine and four Churchill. Bullet June eighth, and then a more typical asmussen slowdown. On June fifteenth, pneumatic, eight to one for Ron Wind, and this a uncle Mo and a home bred for wind, chill out of the tap it mayor teardrop, and of course the One last one before I. let pat go and before we. Got To keep our eyes on the. Key is on the. Ascot, race, Casey keep me. Keep me. Apprised of let me quickly. Turn to that to this the Jersey the group. Going seven furlongs so case let me know when you How close they are Pat? There's your field for the Belmont. We'll go over some other things as the morning progresses. We'll talk to. Dick.

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