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So it's going to be a fight <Speech_Male> every time <Speech_Male> your initial <Speech_Male> thoughts on what you've <Speech_Male> seen from Crystal <Speech_Male> Palace game hear <Speech_Male> that Roy Hodgson <Speech_Male> side has impressed <Speech_Male> me so far Chris <Speech_Male> and you're right though <Speech_Male> in terms of their format <Speech_Male> in this fixture. <Speech_Male> It's one there last <Speech_Male> five in the Premier League <Speech_Male> against Crystal <Speech_Male> Palace. It's always been a tough <Speech_Male> game. But to <Speech_Male> me the interesting thing that's <Speech_Male> happened this season. Is <Speech_Male> that Wilfried zaha <Speech_Male> looks like Wilfried <Speech_Male> zaha again, he <Speech_Male> wasn't a year ago, <Speech_Male> and there's all this <Speech_Male> consternation about <Speech_Male> when is he eventually <Speech_Male> going to move a bigger <Speech_Male> club and <Speech_Male> as he basically run out <Speech_Male> of time to age A bigger <Speech_Male> Club is getting to an age <Speech_Male> now where he might just <Speech_Male> be a one-club <Speech_Male> man with Crystal Palace. But <Speech_Male> this year he's at <Speech_Male> least put that to the side <Speech_Male> and has been really Dynamic <Speech_Male> Palace or <Speech_Male> another team that was really <Speech_Male> unlucky with one of these <Speech_Male> handball decisions. <Speech_Male> That was generally a handball <Speech_Male> against Everton <Speech_Male> which all of a sudden became <Speech_Male> a <Speech_Male> top-of-the-table clash <Speech_Male> between two teams are <Speech_Male> unbeaten. So <Speech_Male> they've added a little <Speech_Male> bit they brought in this player from <Speech_Male> QPR eberechi <Speech_Male> sa who's <Speech_Male> who starred in the last match. <Speech_Male> He started to <Speech_Male> be integrated the team. They've <Speech_Male> got a young new fullback <Speech_Male> Mitchell. <Speech_Male> I think it's going to become a <Speech_Male> Fantasy Premier League star <Speech_Male> cuz he's a he's <Speech_Male> a low price. So <Speech_Male> it's the same basic players, <Speech_Male> but they've <Speech_Male> added a little bit more than <Speech_Male> they have in previous years <Speech_Male> and I should be pretty <Speech_Male> tough to beat and Gary Cahill <Speech_Male> showed you last <Speech_Male> year that he still has <Speech_Male> stuff left <Speech_Male> in the tank. He I thought <Speech_Male> he was good for them last <Speech_Male> year part <Speech_Male> of what turned that game <Speech_Male> against Crystal Palace. Last <Speech_Male> year was the injury that <Speech_Male> Gary Cahill <Speech_Male> sustained <Speech_Male> meet you batch. Why <Speech_Male> also a familiar <Speech_Male> named Blues fans. <Speech_Male> He is on <Speech_Male> Crystal Palace this <Speech_Male> year. Let's <Speech_Male> make our play predictor <Speech_Male> predictions here Chris <Speech_Male> as you know, the play <Speech_Male> predictor feature <Speech_Male> on the fists and dap <Speech_Male> khong. Are you <Speech_Male> go <Speech_Male> to be eligible for prizes <Speech_Male> by making predictions <Speech_Male> for that week's match? <Speech_Male> What do we got <Speech_Male> this week Chris? <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> with Crystal <Speech_Male> Palace away <Speech_Male> at Chelsea, I think <Speech_Male> Chelsea are <Speech_Male> going to be able score some <Speech_Male> Go, I mean every mean <Speech_Male> they've been able to at <Speech_Male> least come here <Speech_Male> scoring goals every week. I'm <Speech_Male> going to go for a <Speech_Male> three one Victory <Speech_Male> Chelsea over <Speech_Male> Crystal Palace at home <Speech_Male> still. <Speech_Male> I don't think quite in clean <Speech_Male> sheet territory. We'll <Speech_Male> see if they can sort out <Speech_Male> some most effective is what <Speech_Male> I'm going. 4312 <Speech_Male> Chelsea my goal <Speech_Male> also sort of depends <Speech_Male> on who's in <Speech_Male> net. <Speech_Male> I think no matter what <Speech_Male> though whoever's <Speech_Male> back there. Whether it be <Speech_Male> Mehndi Peppa <Speech_Male> or <Speech_Male> Willy Caballero <Speech_Male> found. She doesn't <Speech_Male> really seem in the cards <Speech_Male> just yet. <Speech_Male> So I'm with <Speech_Male> you I think both teams <Speech_Male> score in this match <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> nervy. <Speech_Male> I'm going to say <Speech_Male> to one <Speech_Male> post 75th <Speech_Male> minute goal to <Speech_Male> pull your head, <Speech_Male> but they get back to their winning <Speech_Male> ways <Speech_Male> and get all three <Speech_Male> points here <Speech_Male> and continue <Speech_Male> on what <Speech_Male> has been recent domination <Speech_Male> that we shouldn't take <Speech_Male> lightly because this is always <Speech_Male> a difficult fixture. <Speech_Male> All right, that'll <Speech_Male> do it off. <Speech_Male> This week <Speech_Male> till we speak again <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <SpeakerChange> chelse. <Speech_Music_Male> <Music>

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