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You can buy tickets in person Joey Genera is in the main event facing Kimber Lee Paul Crockett joins us here today what's going on Paul With an I didn't do anything to help because you were running your mouth along with filthy Tom for so long and granted. It's that nerd bully Thomas and tell you know you ask for it. Listen Paul I ran my mouth. But then when I out that he was teaming with Nick Gage, I stopped running my mouth. Immediately, full stop mouth running. I was a victim point and where were you? Where was everybody else? This was beyond wrestling American. Rana, it's available up there night W. TV. So head of their check that out, enjoy yourself those either aid me I know there's many of you out there. You can watch me have my career ended the hands of Nick and Thomas tell whatever's name is well, Hey, wait. Let me let me just throw this in here. Now speaking of Communist San Tell Mr Crockett I heard a from a little birdie about your trip to New Jersey with him and about his nervous hands would you like to fill in on? His nervous hands yes what he's made. With. Paul threes tell destroy like run national radio. So no swearing and watch yourself this nervous hand story. Yes nothing like that. So I'm in the passenger seat and he's telling this story about something. You know how he is you just babble the vote whatever he does and all the sudden I looked down. And he's telling the story. His right hand is shaking uncontrollably and I looked down I say tomor you are right and he didn't even notice he looked down at his hand away. Oh. I didn't even notice. And ever since then I have just given him every time I, see him I just shake my hand at him and he gets a great laugh out of it because at the end of the day, he is a good sport. Wires handshaking. Tick his shirt. He's all right. I asked if he's having a stroke but he wasn't so. I guess he's okay I mean he has so many other issues beyond that that I could go on and on about budge Well, where please fine I think. Well. This coming weekend. It's it's wear sunscreen. Beyond wrestling and we of course Paul is you are probably aware I think most people are in the middle of a global pandemic and obviously things aren't the way that they used to be. So what's going on this weekend houses show being run give us some details. I can't really speak for all the other promotions that are running. I can only speak for beyond because I only know beyond that's that's where I work. So I do know that outside of wrestling believe this are not guys. I am not an independent professional wrestling play by play announcer fulltime I know that shocking. So I do have another job. Where I do interact with a lot of people and I am out in the public and they haven't even tested me for Kobe. But this weekend for beyond, I do have to get a cova test. So I do know that for beyond and that that's me I'm not even wrestling I'm away from all the action. So everybody involved including the boss Drew Cordero who was worried because his test hadn't come in as of I think yesterday. So he was panicking that he couldn't be on his run his own show but everybody at the on will have been tested there will be masks. There will be social distancing. We ran a show in the same venue in Atlantic city last month and masks and social distancing was in place. So it's GONNA be run the same way and the fans are going to be separated by seating. So if you bought three tickets together, you'll have three seats or four or two, and then you'll be separated a good distance from other people at the venue and it's an awesome place to watch show. So she plugged the wrestling online dot com. If you're anywhere in the area right on the ocean, it's beautiful. So come check it out. Game. Changers seem to literally Kinda cracked open when they ran Indianapolis and other been back in Atlantic City and What was it like in July besides being you know extraordinarily scorchingly hot on the boardwalk when you guys decided to run. Before, their show, how did they influence you guys decisions? Do you know how that kind of went down and how you're working in concert with them to put these shows on? So I love Drew Cordero he he gave me my opportunity to do play by play announcing full-time for a company which has been my drains like ten years old. But one thing about drew is he is very thoughtful very calculated but there are times where he sees something and he'd just go let's do this and I think two weeks prior boy. that. That's you are two weeks prior to our show that we ran in July. He attended a Game Changer Show in New Jersey and just said, all right. Let's do this and that's why that first show was called two weeks notice. So Game Changer and beyond of always worked really well together, we've done some joint shows with them in the past. So it was a very easy thing relatively to put together for drew in such a short span of time. Listen this probably a question for drew and you can feel free to just say I got no idea buddy nor would I tell you if I did know but So Clearly I mean, if you're if you're having fans in there and they're being socially distanced, I mean you're you're gonNA have a lot less fans. So months ago when we were thinking about how in God's name can this be made to work until like everybody's vaccinated in this thing is con- like limited crowds, etc. Financially had his work and I thought well. If you got less fans I mean your options are either the wrestlers all work for less money. Or you've got to charge more for tickets. and. You know if if you can have half capacity I mean maybe got to charge double for tickets. And I thought..

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