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That's Genesis 9 50 dot com Genesis 9 50 dot com code. Salem A deadly weekend on the roads of Delaware. Five motorists have died and a pair of head on collisions in the state just five hours apart. Delaware State police described the details of two accidents. One of them occurred early Saturday in Newark that left three men dead and another man injured. Meanwhile, a man and a woman died following another collision. In the Wilmington on Friday night. The names of all these motorists remain unknown pending family notifications correspondent Andrew Stewart Baltic Sea Passenger Ferry with nearly 300 people aboard has run aground on an archipelago between Finland and Sweden. No injuries. Everybody seems to be safe and rescue officials are moving in the Finnish Coast Guard tweeted that the M S Amarilla operated by ferry company Viking line, replaying the Finnish western port city of Turku and Stockholm. Simply got stuck news. An analysis of townhall dot com I'm Michael Harrington. Kevin Harvick got another mask. Irwin Saturday by holding off the defending Cup champion Kevin Harvick came into Bristol with the most wins this season. So why not add one Maura's The Bristol Night race made its first appearance in NASCAR's playoffs, but it was far from easy for Harvick as he staged an impressive battle with Kyle Busch over the last 75 laps. In fact, the last 10 were riveting. His Bush tried everyone possible. To find a way past Harvick to no avail. It was Harvick's career high ninth win of the year and his 30 Bristol, defending serious Jeb Bush continues winless in 2020, scoring his fourth runner up finish. Right. McMillan BRISTOL, Tennessee. Today is Sunday, September The 20 handsome famous people are celebrating a birthday, including actress Sophia Loren. She is 86 years old today. Hockey Hall of Fame. Aggie LaFleur turn 67 TV news correspondent Deborah Roberts is 60. More on the stories a townhall dot com At Walgreens. We've always been a place that keeps you prepped, stocked, covered, hopeful, ready and, most importantly, safe, Get the health and safety essentials You need like masks, hand sanitizer and household cleaners with contactless.

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