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Sprint. Lewke. Kaka doodle. Do ask you real quick question before start. Yes. Because it's national do something nice for your neighbor day. Do you know your neighbors names? No, neither do I go ahead. I'll put my driveway slam. My gate gourmet garage. Good. I'm Chris do you know your neighbors names? No, actually rush remember to what I took a picture of Chris. Do you know your neighbors names? I know Raja's names and. Yeah. Andy of guessing there's more than what I have no idea lady knocked on her door the other day because she wanted to paint her house, and she needs to get permission from around, do whatever the hell you. I don't keep basic close my door seriously. I was at the grocery store. The guy starts chatting me up with Susan and we're, you know, study some nice guy and I walked away with he walked west into my wife. I said, who was it? She goes, that's our next door neighbor. Yeah. Cool pool in my garage and slam it in the that's about it. So in today's headline news, Wendy wins thinking, the single life is wonderful because she gets the hang with black. China name was spotted in New York City hanging out having dinner in dining. She also went on to say that she is open wide open dating with lactose when details people that single life is treating her wonderful and it sounds like she's keeping her options. Why open today? Dating. Chris, so I love her. You may be opportunity there after she filed for divorce from Kevin hunter, and she's dealing with spousal support and all those sorts of things right now. That's right up your alley. I think you should move to New York and seek her out, but you know, she just seems very dominating. She's it'd be a lot, but hanging out with black China might not be such a great idea. Why just because black-tie like seriously? What you being Roz. Why not? Would seriously. I don't have an opinion on black China. But like that. Langer of Wendy Williams, dating her that seems like a lot of work. She's very loud. How do you know? We'll see. Yeah. A watching your on TV theoretically, she's all over the very aggressive, plus. All over the place. And you'll really made me fall for remember when she was in OJ made in America part five where when she had a radio show in. DC OJ came in there, and she says he started off by saying, OJ I don't wanna like you. I don't even want to do this OJ was like smiling by the end of it. She's taking pictures with them. She's like you could see he just charmed or. He was a pretty charming guy. Yeah. Yeah. By all accounts was was still is out there. Maybe out having fun steel. Spend time. Bending but short meals Roche is to. With Chris on that. And you on that I somebody told me a woman down her husband and friend, not going to be able to know we can't even have a conversation. I'm out right? At depends, which okay Alexa to you too. So that was keys headline of the day. Good luck to you, and Wendy Williams. Chris good job. And you're listening to ks. PM Los Angeles. Bucks. Grab game one Eastern Conference finals. They win the game. It was close. But it felt like once they got the lead in that fourth quarter Toronto was hanging around the whole night. Leonard was okay. Jaanus was okay, but you could tell towards the end of the night that the, the raptors just didn't have any bounce was asked whether or not just the hangover from game seven was a factor..

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