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Dot com and click on digit games. Traffic updates around the clock on 95.5 WSB. I'm wsb meteor rocks is Kirk knowledge. What did last month banquet dependent forecast? Through the early morning. Clear and freezing patchy frost by sunrise Lows 25 to 29 turning mostly cloudy in the afternoon on Thursday High 53 For Friday. Scattered light morning showers diminishing by afternoon high 51 Saturday a mix of clouds and sunshine a 30% chance with shower at night high 54 low 33. Right now. 35 degrees and dropping on Peachtree Street. I'm Christian Jennings 95.5 WSB Atlanta's news and top from the Fox News Radio studios in New York City. Information. You want proof? You demand it's Brian Kill made. I've been. Hi, buddy. Welcome back to the latest edition of the brain. Kill me. Show them. Latest moment. Martha MacCallum all pumped up for her three o'clock show will be joining us in studio shortly. I imagine we're eventually going to get him ER and Dana Perino right? Because they are free this hour, So I'm gonna put the pressure on hammer to relive some of the magic that we've had on radio, but since he was on at three o'clock Then he was on 9 to 12. He could not do the show. So this is gonna be big. For him. I know about Hammer's career. It's gonna be big, like he needs a break. Unions for your time..

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