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Crawford crawford lifts base hit is it falls in front of cuevas serves it to left a couple more kids both sides fun to watch after you start now he's picked it up everything so well all star he's playing that's the skip giants the rockies seven four they're gonna end road trip to and six coming back home on friday day off tomorrow three gabe set against the philadelphia phillies thank you so much for joining us we do appreciate it eight hundred kmby are is the number of you want to chime in about the game this evening let's go to dan in the desert from arizona on cambio up dan hey guys hey i wanna talk about what the giants are going to do with the enfield because i see you know with panic and has an i love alan hansen i think he just brings a spark to the team he's a switch hitter was speed and he's got some pop i haven't seen the giants have that kind of a speed player in quite a while i mean he's faster than nunez and you know i just think the giants if they're gonna stay in this and i think what's gonna end up happening they're gonna have to make a trade at some point and i hope i love joe panicked but who can bring us the most value for a pitcher yeah it's interesting that you bring that up because as far as the trade goes it's starting to get some pitching i mean i'm looking at cole hamels i just don't know who to give up that you have to give a belie do because i would love to see co hamilton his starting rotation cody cody he's talked about that a lot actually we both had that conversation quite a bit about cole hamels we would love to see him in a giants uniform but at the same time as far as putting trade package together i don't even know where you would start with that is he better than panic that's the question i have defensively he's not better defensively but he's only twenty five and he's got a lot of upside i see and say i like joe panicking there for the.

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