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Quick quick quick quick quick this show we gotta get that interest in command off camera camera show business into the Mike S. Areas. That people do know the awful. No no no. No the men. Loin doesn't look like Jingle Fat. Yes no mental. Laurean ISN'T OKAY. Because he only here's half the conversation. I wasn't saying that the Mandal Laurean was but will set. I'm taking the Mandal Laurean. The series the mental orient up this idea that basically mental orients look alike to tonight men Lawrence though it's entirely possible it's entirely possible. That Bobo Fat who is a BA? Bounty Hunter Essentially had another man that was like sidekick and said you know you can go do 'cause maybe he didn't want to do all the party soft. This guy wanted to be the glad hand or wanted to shake hands Thursday to do the whole do whole thing hanging out at Jarvis Palace. Say Okay you hang out jobless you waiting are you Hang Jab palace you go. You go do that aspect. I'M GONNA go to all the honey. Make all the money and that we were both happy. And that's what I was trying to say. And what the man Lawrence showed us is even though there's dozens of mandatory on that planet. They'll call are manned Laurean Laurean 'cause no one realizes that all.

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